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ACROSS THE UNIVERSE: THE DC UNIVERSE STORIES OF ALAN MOORE TPB - A collection of writer Alan Moore's rarely seen DC Universe work. Contains the stories: For the Man Who Has Everything from Superman Annual #11 with art by Dave Gibbons; The Jungle Line (featuring Superman and Swamp Thing) from DC Comics Presents #85 with art by Rick Veitch & Al Williamson; Mortal Clay from Batman Annual #11 with art by George Freeman; the 2-part backup story Night Olympics (featuring Green Arrow & Black Canary) from Detective Comics #549 & 550 with art by Klaus Janson; Footsteps (featuring the Phantom Stranger) from Secret Origins #10 with art by Joe Orlando; and the 2-part Father's Day from Vigilante #17 & 18 with art by Jim Baikie. Also included are short backup stores from Omega Men #26 & 27 with art by Kevin O'Neill, Paris Cullins & Rick Magyar; and Green Lantern #188 and Green Lantern Corps Annual #2 & 3 with art by Gibbons, O'Neill and Bill Willingham. Featuring a cover and introduction by Gibbons. 208 pp. - Cover Price $19.95

ACTION COMICS #804 - (Kelly/Ferry/Smith) The Harvest part 3 of 4. Superman and Lex Luthor team up to get the inmates from the orbiting Stryker's Island asteroid prison and use them as an army against the factions of General Zod. - Cover Price $2.25

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #617 - (Casey/Adlard) Mr. Mxyzptlk is back... as twins? Unfortunately, their first victim is Perry White, who can't handle the stress of this duo. - Cover Price $2.25

AQUAMAN #7 - (Veitch/Velluto/Almond) The Thirst assaults the Secret Sea by sending a legion of undead pirates to poison the Rhine river. But Aquaman and Tempest are determined to stop his rampage, and enlist a squadron of valkyrie Rhine-maidens in their quest. - Cover Price $2.50

ARKHAM ASYLUM: LIVING HELL #2 - [of 6] (Slott/Sook) Food Fight. At Arkham Asylum, a lunchtime brawl can have fatal consequences. Plus, Fish garners protection from a notorious Gotham villain: Two-Face. Painted cover by Eric Powell. - Cover Price $2.50 -

BATGIRL #41 - (Horrocks/Sibar/Owens) First love is always awkward, and even more uncomfortable is the first date. But when your first love is Superboy, things are bound to get crazy. - Cover Price $2.50

BATGIRL: YEAR ONE #7 - [of 9] (Beatty & Dixon/Martin/Lopez) Killer Moth and Firefly have been terrifying the Gotham underworld, and now Batgirl and Black Canary are going to do something about it. - Cover Price $2.95

BATMAN #616 - (Loeb/Lee/Williams) Hush continues. Guest starring Catwoman, Talia and Lady Shiva. The Dark Knight takes the battle back to his mysterious attacker. But when the trail leads Batman to Ra's al Ghul, is the Dark Knight close to the truth, or being played? - Cover Price $2.25

BATMAN ADVENTURES #3 - (Templeton & Slott/Burchett/Beatty) Gotham's law-breaking lovebirds are on the lam - but the Joker's become a pussycat, and Harley Quinn isn't enjoying the change. In the backup, Harley finds out about Poison Ivy's new powers - the hard way. Cover by Bruce Timm. - Cover Price $2.25

BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #42 - (Beatty/D. Ross/Floyd) For the last several months, Alfred has been hiding a fatal secret, one he intends to take with him to the grave. At last, Batman learns the truth about Alfred's progressing illness. Plus, the Black-and-White backup Gargoyles by Dean Motter. Cover by Brian Bolland. 40 pp. - Cover Price $2.75 -

BATMAN ILLUSTRATED BY NEAL ADAMS V. 1 HC - (various/Neal Adams) For the first time, all of Neal Adams's Batman work - covers and stories - is being chronologically collected in three volumes. Volume 1 features Adams's contributions from 1967 through 1969. Adams art also inspired many writers to new heights of creativity - including Bob Haney and other writers showcased in Volume 1. Adams provides a new cover and introduction, and has gone back to tweak some of his early art and re-color five of the eight stories presented here. Volume 1 reprints material from Batman #200, 203 and 210; The Brave And The Bold #75-76 and 79-85; Detective Comics #370, 372, 385, 389, 391, and 392; and World's Finest Comics #174-176, 178-180, 182-183, 185, and 186. 240 pp. Scheduled to arrive in October. - Cover Price $49.95

BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #168 - (Bill Willingham/Tom Fowler) Urban Legend. We've all imagined what it would be like to be Batman. Now imagine what it would be like if you were alone, injured, weaponless, and, worst of all, you had no memory of who or what you were. - Cover Price $2.50 -

BATMAN: NEVERMORE #3 - [of 5] (Wein/Davis) Elseworlds. Poe's investigation into the mysterious "Raven Murders" becomes personal, as the killer sets out to take care of Poe. Even with help from the Batman, it doesn't look like Poe is going to make it in one piece. Painted cover by Bernie Wrightson. - Cover Price $2.50

BATMAN: NINE LIVES TPB - (Dean Motter/Michael Lark) Elseworlds. Evokes the mood of a 1940s noir film. When the vigilante known as the "Bat-Man" investigates the reports of a giant alligator in the labyrinthine Gotham reservoir, he discovers a dead body - that of Selina Kyle, ex-girlfriend of the Bat-Man's alter ego, Bruce Wayne. Told in a sideways "landscape" format to better showcase the cinematic style of the art. 128 pp. - Cover Price $17.95 -

BATMAN/SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN: TRINITY #1 - [of 3] (Matt Wagner) For the first time ever, the classic tale of Batman and Superman's first encounter with Wonder Woman is told. A billionaire eco-terrorist has unearthed what could be the greatest weapon the world has ever seen: the juggernaut Superman-clone known as Bizarro. The terrorist is joined in his quest by a young Amazon warrior with her own malicious agenda. Prestige Format. 64 pp. - Cover Price $6.95

BIRDS OF PREY #56 - (Gail Simone/Ed Benes/Alex Lei) In a tricky legal and ethical dilemma, the Birds show mercy to a would-be white collar criminal. Their act of compassion brings them to the attention of master extortionist Savant. - Cover Price $2.50 -

BIRDS OF PREY SECRET FILES 2003 - New series writer Gail Simone pits the Birds against the Penguin in a story focusing on Canary, with art by Joe Bennett & Jack Jadson. Plus, Canary meets a future partner in crimefighting in a tale written by Paul Storrie with art by Jeffrey Henderson & John Stanisci; the story of how Oracle first chose Black Canary as an operative written by Scott Young with art by Phil Winslade; and profiles of the Birds and their allies, illustrated by Brian Stelfreeze, Shawn Crystal, and Ed Benes. Painted cover by Phil Noto. 48 pp. - Cover Price $4.95 -

CARTOON CARTOONS #19 - (Kupperberg & Busch/Kazaleh/Temizel/Delaney/Albrecht) Dexter grows a playmate for Dee-Dee out of the salad bowl. Also, why did ancient Rome fall? Two words: Weasel and Baboon. - Cover Price $2.25

CATWOMAN #20 - (Brubaker/Stewart) Selina and Holly hit the road to see the world, rediscover themselves, and track down an important figure from Holly's past. Their first stop takes them to upstate New York, where they have an encounter with the JSA's Wildcat.

DOCTOR MID-NITE TPB - Available again. (Matt Wagner/John K. Snyder III) Collects the mini-series that introduced the new Doctor Mid-Nite to the DC Universe. 160 pp. - Cover Price $19.95 -

DOOM PATROL #21 - (Arcudi/Huat) Robotman returns, only to discover that the Doom Patrol has been possessed by the villainous Tycho and Nao Yut. - Cover Price $2.50 -

EVEN MORE SECRET ORIGINS LOST 80-PAGE GIANT - (Gardner Fox, Edmond Hamilton, John Broome & Bob Haney/Joe Kubert/Curt Swan/George Klein/Carmine Infantino/Joe Giella/Gil Kane/Murphy Anderson/Lee Elias) Features Hawkman (from The Brave & The Bold #34); the Jimmy Olsen/Robin team (World's Finest Comics #141); Kid Flash (Flash #112); Green Lantern's oath (Green Lantern [first series] #10); Eclipso (House Of Secrets #61); and a Blackhawk text feature from Blackhawk #261. 80 pp. - Cover Price $6.95 -

SECRET ORIGINS REPLICA EDITION - Available again. This classic volume is updated with a cover refinished by Jerry Ordway and the addition of an introduction and full story credits on a gatefold, cardstock cover. 80 pp. - Cover Price $4.95 -

MORE SECRET ORIGINS REPLICA EDITION - Available again. (Gardner Fox, Bill Finger, John Broome & various/Mike Sekowsky/Gil Kane/Sheldon Moldoff/Carmine Infantino/Murphy Anderson & various) This classic Silver Age Giant collects historic stories of Superman, the Flash, and the JLA. 80 pp. - Cover Price $4.95 -

FLASH #199 - (Johns/Kolins/Hazlewood) Blitz part 3 of 4. The Flash discovers Zoom's true identity, and Zoom teaches The Flash a lesson in how to be a better hero. - Cover Price $2.25

GOTHAM CENTRAL #8 - (Rucka/Lark) Half a Life part 3 of 5. Montoya's life continues to crumble as a vengeful felon wreaks havoc on her. While Internal Affairs probes her personal life, Crispus Allen and the MCU squad must wrestle with the disgrace of one of their own. - Cover Price $2.50 -

GREATEST JOKER STORIES EVER TOLD TPB - Available again. This collection features the greatest stories ever told of the Clown Prince of Crime, from 1939 to 1983. Included is the first appearance of the Joker from Batman #1, as well as the classic Joker tale The Laughing Fish. Cover by Brian Bolland. 288 pp. - Cover Price $14.95 -

GREEN ARROW #27 - (Winick/Hester/Parks) Straight Shooter part 2 of 6. Green Arrow digs deeper into the mystery of Star City's murderous monsters as they try to dig into him... with their teeth. Cover by Matt Wagner. - Cover Price $2.50 -

GREEN ARROW: THE SOUNDS OF VIOLENCE HC - (Kevin Smith/Phil Hester/Ande Parks) Collects Green Arrow (current series) #11-15, featuring a strange new villain stalking the Emerald Archer. Plus, the relationship between Ollie and his son/successor Connor Hawke is explored, while Mia - the young girl whom Green Arrow saved - flirts with becoming a new "Speedy." Also, will Ollie rekindle his romance with Dinah Lance, a.k.a. the Black Canary? And what happens when former JLA rivals Green Arrow and Hawkman reunite? Includes the original painted covers by Matt Wagner, and features an introduction by Hester and a sketchbook section showcasing his and Parks' art. Cover by Matt Wagner. 128 pp. - Cover Price $19.95 -

GREEN ARROW: QUIVER HC - Available again. (Kevin Smith/Phil Hester/Ande Parks) Reprints Green Arrow (current series) #1-10, featuring the return of Oliver Queen. Includes appearances by the JLA, Black Canary, Arsenal, the Spectre, the Demon, and Deadman and an introduction by Kevin Smith. 232 pp. Painted cover by Matt Wagner. - Cover Price $24.95

GREEN LANTERN #166 - (Raab/Burchett/Ramos) The Blind part 1 of 2. A force of destruction is running rampant in the galaxy... a force that can only consume. It's called The Blind, and its next target is Earth. - Cover Price $2.25 -

GREEN LANTERN: BROTHER'S KEEPER TPB - (Judd Winick/Dale Eaglesham/Rodney Ramos) Collecting Green Lantern #151-155. Kyle Rayner's assistant Terry Berg pays a horrible price for his sexual orientation, as he becomes the victim of a hate crime. Will Kyle be able to temper his anger when he goes after the punks responsible for the assault? 128 pp. - Cover Price $12.95 -

GREEN LANTERN: THE ROAD BACK TPB - Available again. (Gerard Jones/Pat Broderick/Bruce Patterson) A new printing of the trade paperback collecting Green Lantern (new series) #1-8. From a corps of 3,600, only three Green Lanterns are left: Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and Hal Jordan. Together, they will face their greatest challenge - and only one will walk away as the last Green Lantern. Cover by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer. 192 pp. - Cover Price $14.95

HARLEY QUINN #33 - (Lieberman/Huddleston/Nixey) Part 1 of 5. Harley signs on for a mercenary gig, to hunt down a guy on the lam and retrieve an unnamed object of limitless value for him. Sounds easy enough, except that bounty hunters from all over the globe are on the case as well. - Cover Price $2.50 -

HAWKMAN #16 - (Johns/Morales/Bair) The Thanagarian part 1 of 3. Shayera Thal, the space cop from Thanagar once known as Hawkwoman, ventures to St. Roch to discover the truth about her former partner. But Hawkgirl isn't exactly happy to see her. - Cover Price $2.50

H-E-R-O #5 - (Pfeifer/Kano) Meet Matt Allen. He's got a great job, a loving wife and family, the high score on his company's bowling team... and the H-E-R-O device. - Cover Price $2.50

HUMAN DEFENSE CORPS #2 - [of 6] (Templeton/Sauve Jr./Vlasco) A deep-water training mission takes a desperate turn for the strange as parasitic aliens breach the undersea naval base and latch onto the new recruits of the Human Defense Corps. - Cover Price $2.50 -

JLA #82 - (Kelly/Rouleau/Sowd) The White Rage part 3 of 3. Axis Amerika attacks. The League has been found guilty of treason, and only the newest Leaguers - Green Lantern and Manitou Raven - can clear the names of their teammates in time to prevent their executions. - Cover Price $2.25 -

JLA: SCARY MONSTERS #4 - [of 6] (Claremont/Hood/Parsons) Betrayed by one they were sworn to protect, the League is forced to retreat into the fortress-like Carmody estate house at Black Spirit Lake. Cover by Arthur Adams. - Cover Price $2.50 -

JLA: WORKWEEK - (Patton Oswalt/Patrick Gleason/Christian Alamy) Written by Patton Oswalt of the TV series King of Queens. Marlus Randone, along with the rest of his neighborhood, finds himself transported onboard the JLA Watchtower as protection from an alien threat. Once the threat is contained, the town is teleported back home - all except for Marlus. Notebook and disposable camera in hand, he sets out to record whatever he can before he's caught. What follows is 168 hours of planet-wide threats that seem to go ignored, petty squabbles that could decide the fate of the world, and a side of the Justice League rarely glimpsed by ordinary citizens. Prestige Format. 64 pp. - Cover Price $6.95 -

JSA #49 - (Goyer & Johns/Kirk/Champagne) Princes of Darkness part 4 of 5. The JSA call in the reserves to help take on the dark forces that are plaguing the world, from Obsidian's shadow-army to the fanatics of Kobra. - Cover Price $2.50 -

JSA: ALL-STARS #2 - [of 8] (Goyer & Johns/Phil Winslade) Hawkgirl takes flight to meet her grandfather, the adventurer known as Speed Saunders. In the backup, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale tell a story of the Golden Age Hawkman. Cover by John Cassaday. - Cover Price $2.50 -

JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES #20 - (Hall/Burchett/Snyder III) The Psycho-Pirate strikes, as the League must go head-to-head with a villain who can control their emotions. - Cover Price $2.25 -

LEGION #21 - (Abnett & Lanning/Batista/Farmer) Dream Crime part 3 of 5. The Legion squares up for combat with the forces of Apokolips while two members, Shikari and Sensor, unravel clues that could reveal the secret of the Dream Crime. - Cover Price $2.50 -

LOBO UNBOUND #1 - [of 6] (Keith Giffen/Alex Horley) Forced to take the most demeaning jobs a hitman can grab, Lobo vows to take on the Herculean task of being crowned "the greatest mass murderer ever known." But new foes, almost more vile than Lobo himself, emerge to challenge him every step of the way. MR. - Cover Price $2.95 -

LOONEY TUNES #103 - (Kim, Fisch, Kress & Liebmann/Alvarez/DeCarlo/Carzon/Ottolini) The Three Little Pigs never figured they'd miss the Big Bad Wolf, but that was before traveling salesman Daffy Duck beat down their door. - Cover Price $2.25 -

MAD MAGAZINE #431 - Color and B&W. (The Usual Gang of Idiots) A new issue with plenty of laughs, gags and parodies. 48 pp. - Cover Price $3.50 -

MAD XL #22 - B&W. (The Usual Gang of Idiots) More Best of the Web, Mad Marginals XL, a Readers' Choice poll winner, a Mad Moldy Oldie, and a special creator of the month. 96 pp. - Cover Price $4.99 -

MUCHA LUCHA #3 - [of 3] (Mort/Fuentes/DeCarlo) Based on the Kids WB! show. The Flea loses a crucial wrestling match and gets sucked into the dreaded Limbo of the Lost Luchadores. - Cover Price $2.25 -

NIGHTWING #82 - (Grayson/Lilly/Delperdang) Venn Diagram concludes. Nightwing's been shot, but that's not going to stop him from trying to save his former police partner, Amy Rohrbach. But to rescue her, he's going to have to stop Deathstroke. Cover by Dave Johnson. - Cover Price $2.25 -

OUTSIDERS #1 - (Judd Winick/Tom Raney/Scott Hanna) A new super-team rises from the ashes of the events in The Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day. Nightwing and Arsenal must decide whether to continue with a team of heroes. Arsenal takes it upon himself to recruit a new group of heroes... and the ones he finds are quite a crew: Grace, a super-strong bouncer working at a meta-human club; Thunder, the mass-changing daughter of Black Lightning; Indigo, the cyborg girl from the future; the shape-shifting Metamorpho; and Jade are all waiting in the wings. Plus, what do you get when a barrel of fierce monkey warriors attack Manhattan? 40 pp. - Cover Price $2.50 -

ROBIN #115 - (Lewis/Woods/Pepoy) The Wrong Town concludes. Robin faces off against a creature that should never have seen the light of day. - Cover Price $2.25

SCOOBY-DOO #73 - (Denson & Tyler/Staton/Pope/Hunt/Davis) A shape-shifting gremlin is loose in the streets of Boston. And, make way for the newest challenger at a women's wrestling competition: Velma. - Cover Price $2.25

SUPERMAN #194 - (Seagle/McDaniel/Owens) Superman is missing, Lois is on the hunt, and mysterious happenings at LexCorp threaten to expose President Lex for the sham he is. - Cover Price $2.25 -

SUPERMAN & BATMAN: GENERATIONS III #6 - [of 12] (Byrne) Elseworlds. What terrible presence attracts the attention of J'Onn J'Onzz from Mars? And how does the romance between the 400-year-old Lara Wayne and an alien Green Lantern figure into the mix? - Cover Price $2.95 -

SUPERMAN: CRITICAL CONDITION TPB - Available again. (J.M. DeMatteis, Joe Kelly, Jeph Loeb & Mark Schultz/Carlo Barberi/Pascual Ferry/Kano/Doug Mahnke/Mike McKone/Cary Nord/Pablo Raimondi/Duncan Rouleau) Lois Lane is missing. Only Superman can find her, but he's dying from a mysterious ailment... so who will save him? 192 pp. - Cover Price $14.95

SUPERMAN: THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN TPB - Available again. (Dan Jurgens, Louise Simonson, Jerry Ordway & Roger Stern/Jurgens/Jon Bogdanove/Tom Grummett/Jackson Guice/various) The unstoppable Doomsday kills the Man of Steel, Superman. Reprinting Superman: The Man Of Steel #17-19, Superman #73-75, Adventures Of Superman #496 & 497, Action Comics #683 & 684, and Justice League America #69. 168 pp. - Cover Price $9.95 -

SUPERMAN: METROPOLIS #5 - [of 12] (Austen/Zezelj) When a baby dies, The Tech steps in to revive it... but the results aren't exactly what the grieving parents were hoping for. - Cover Price $2.95 -

SUPERMAN: PRESIDENT LEX TPB - (J.M. DeMatteis, Joe Kelly, Jeph Loeb, Greg Rucka, Mark Schultz & Karl Kesel/Ed McGuinness/Duncan Rouleau/Paco Medina/Doug Mahnke/Dale Eaglesham/Carlo Barberi/Tony Harris/Matthew Clark/Dwayne Turner/Mike Miller/Todd Nauck/Mike Wieringo/Paul Pelletier/Humberto Ramos/Rob Liefeld/Art Adams/Ian Churchill/Joe Madureira & various) Collects the tale of Metropolis' most powerful man making his way to the White House. The stories, reprinted from Adventures Of Superman #581, President Luthor Secret Files, Superman: Lex 2000, Superman #162-165, Superman: Man Of Steel #108-110, and Action Comics #773, also include guest appearances by Aquaman, Tempest, Batman and the JLA. 240 pp. - Cover Price $17.95 -

SUPERMAN: RED SON #3 - [of 3] (Millar/Plunkett/Wong) Elseworlds. Russia's hero, Superman, battles the American superpowers led by President Luthor in a fight for the freedom of the world. Cover by Dave Johnson. Prestige Format. 48 pp. - Cover Price $5.95 -

SUPERMAN: THE RETURN OF SUPERMAN TPB - Available again. (Dan Jurgens, Karl Kesel, Louise Simonson, Roger Stern & Gerard Jones/Jon Bogdanove/Tom Grummett/Jackson Guice/Jurgens/M.D. Bright & various) Features the first appearance of the Cyborg Superman, Steel, the Eradicator, and the current Superboy. Collects the entire Reign of the Supermen storyline that followed The Death of Superman. 480 pp. - Cover Price $19.95 -

SWEATSHOP #3 - (Bagge/DeStefano/Gladden/Fields/Blanchard/Wray) Mel Bowling's most loyal assistant, Alfred Post, has nurtured a lifelong dream of becoming a superhero artist, so Mel's sister Millie tries to help him break into the field in Make Way for the Peerless Penciller. And speaking of Millie, her relationship with Mel is explored in Millie the Enabler. - Cover Price $2.95 -

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS #1 - (Mark Andreyko/Manuel Garcia/Jimmy Palmiotti) Dynamo, No-Man, Lightning, and Menthor - the codenames may remain the same, but the challenges they face have changed. The dawn of the age of the Alpha-Human is a threat to all mankind... a threat only the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents can fight. Painted cover by J.G. Jones. 40 pp. - Cover Price $2.95 -

WONDER WOMAN #193 - (W. Simonson/Ordway/Russell) The Game of the Gods continues as the Shattered God strikes closer to the Amazon princess. But what is this nigh-unstoppable being's ultimate goal? Cover by Adam Hughes. - Cover Price $2.25 -

Paradox Press

STUCK RUBBER BABY TPB - Available again. B&W. (Howard Cruse) The story of Toland Polk, a young man growing up in the South in the early 1960s, coming to his own conclusions about religion, race and sexual preferences. 224 pp. MR. - Cover Price $14.95 -


100 BULLETS #45 - (Azzarello/Risso) Chill in the Oven part 3. Doing hard time can be lonely, but when Lono meets with an unexpected (but very familiar) visitor to the prison, the pot starts stirring to a red-hot boil. Plus, an 8-page preview of The Losers. Painted cover by Dave Johnson. 40 pp. MR. - Cover Price $2.50 -

AMERICAN CENTURY #25 - (Chaykin & Tischman/Lan Medina/Stokes) Bite the Big Apple part 1 of 3. Harry Kraft takes Manhattan by storm when he gets a gig writing super comic books for a seedy publisher. MR. - Cover Price $2.75 -

BEWARE THE CREEPER #3 - [of 5] (Hall/Chiang) The Creeper's "art crimes" take an outrageous turn as our enigmatic anti-hero becomes a cultural phenomenon. But her newfound stature doesn't sit well with the aristocracy or the authorities. MR. - Cover Price $2.95 -

BLOOD & WATER #4 - [of 5] (Winick/Coker) The eternal party is over - Adam is confronted with his past, his present, and a future he may never see. But before he can come to grips with his demons, he must deal with his grief, his desire, and a Vampire funeral. Cover by Brian Bolland. MR. - Cover Price $2.95 -

COWBOY WALLY SHOW TPB - B&W. (Kyle Baker) Kyle Baker's 1988 cult classic is re-presented by Vertigo. Examines the career of TV and film's most notorious figure, a man who gleefully foists all manner of unscrupulous, unwholesome and downright unhealthy diversions upon his audience. Thrill to the rampaging historical inaccuracy of his French Foreign Legion spectacle, Sands of Blood. Feel the sheer majesty of the unthinkable, 20-minute version of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Quake before the blasphemy of A Cowboy Wally Christmas. 128 pp. MR. - Cover Price $14.95 -

FABLES #14 - (Willingham/Mark Buckingham/Leialoha) Storybook Love part 1. As Snow White slowly recovers from a bullet to the brain, she and Bigby spend a lot of time in each other's company. But when they announce that they'll be vacationing together, all of Fabletown is shocked. MR. - Cover Price $2.50

FILTH #12 - [of 13] (Morrison/Weston/Erskine) Schizotype. It's time to meet Mother Dirt and learn the secret origins of the Hand organization and of Life on Earth itself. MR. - Cover Price $2.95 -

HELLBLAZER #185 - (Carey/Frusin) In Ordeal, the second of the linked Third Worlds stories, John Constantine meets the children of Cain, faces trial by ordeal, and braves the borders of Eden in his attempt to discover the truth behind the Shadow Dog Legend. MR. - Cover Price $2.75