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HUNTER: THE AGE OF MAGIC #24 - (Horrocks/Case/Bird) The legendary Stone of Albion, inside which the spirit of Britain has slept for years, has been stolen. As Tim and the Walkers race to find the Stone, the hidden purpose of the Triskelle's war against the Merlin is revealed. Painted cover by Chris Bachalo. MR. - Cover Price $2.75 -

KING DAVID TPB - Available again. (Kyle Baker) The familiar tale of young David's rise to power and popularity while under the paranoid scrutiny of King Saul gets Baker's irreverent - yet biblically accurate - treatment. 160 pp. MR. - Cover Price $19.95 -

LOSERS #1 - (Andy Diggle/Jock) When the Losers, once an elite U.S. Special Forces Unit, stumbled onto the C.I.A.'s dirty little secret, their refusal to play along got them murdered... or so the C.I.A. thought. Now the Losers are back, and out for payback against the organization that stabbed them in the back. 40 pp. MR. - Cover Price $2.95 -

LUCIFER #39 - (Carey/Gross/Kelly) Naglfar part 4 of 5. Trapped between dead angels and mad gods, Lucifer's shipwrecked crew must face their own inner demons. MR. - Cover Price $2.50

NEIL GAIMAN & CHARLES VESS' STARDUST TPB - Available again. A stunning, oversized trade paperback collection of the critically acclaimed "fairy story for adults" by writer Neil Gaiman and artist Charles Vess. The haunting illustrated prose story follows a young man with a magically mixed parentage and the quest he undertakes at a lover's bidding...a quest that takes him to realms he never imagined. 224 pp. MR. - Cover Price $19.95 -

PROPOSITION PLAYER TPB - (Bill Willingham/Bill Willingham/Paul Guinan/Ron Randall) Collects the mini-series. When a professional Vegas poker player collects vouchers for the souls of a roomful of people as a bar prank, he's just anted up for a game he never imagined. He thinks they're just worthless napkins, but envoys from Heaven and Hell think differently. Suddenly, Joey's caught in the middle of a tug-of-war between celestial powers. 144 pp. MR. - Cover Price $14.95 -

SANDMAN PRESENTS: MERV PUMPKINHEAD - AGENT OF DREAM - Available again. (Bill Willingham/Mark Buckingham/John Stokes) This one-shot features everyone's favorite pumpkinhead as a daring super-spy Agent of Dream...or is that all just in his head? 48 pp. MR. - Cover Price $5.95 -

UNDERCOVER GENIE TPB - Color and B&W. (Kyle Baker) A collection of Kyle Baker's musings that takes the reader on a guided tour through the artist's skewed observations on the pitfalls of relationships, the absurdity of cultural assimilation, the strange ways of men and women, the adventures of God, and Ghost Chimp, M.D. Plus, a cornucopia of illustrations, gags and just plain loopy fun. This material first appeared in such publications as Instant Piano, New York, the New York Daily News, the Village Voice, Vibe, POV and Guitar World. 128 pp. MR. - Cover Price $14.95 -

V FOR VENDETTA TPB - Available again. (Alan Moore/David Lloyd) A frightening and powerful story of the loss of freedom and identity in a totalitarian world. 288 pp. MR. - Cover Price $19.95 -

VERTIGO POP!: BANGKOK #2 - [of 4] (Vankin/Giuseppe Camuncoli/Shawn Martinbrough) Three days in the decadent metropolis and American tourists Marz and Tuez are already embroiled in an international sex scandal. MR. - Cover Price $2.95 -

Y: THE LAST MAN #12 - (Vaughan/Guerra/Marzan, Jr.) One Small Step part 2 of 5. A mysterious young Russian woman leads Yorick Brown and his companions to a Kansas farm that may be more than meets the eye. Painted cover by J.G. Jones. MR. - Cover Price $2.95 -


21 DOWN #10 - (Palmiotti & Gray/Saíz/Palmiotti) Preston and Mickey face off against the physical manifestation of an American war hero's psychological trauma. Painted cover by Joe Jusko. - Cover Price $2.95 -

ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY V. 2 OVERSIZED HC - (Mark Millar/Frank Quitely/Arthur Adams/Chris Weston/Gary Erskine/others) Collects the entire run by writer Mark Millar. This slipcased hardcover edition collects The Authority #13-20, 22, and 27-29. From deposing monarchs to magazine covers... from the heights of popularity to the bottom of the barrel, this book features super-hero iconoclast Jenny Sparks, the Spirit of the 20th Century, along with King of the Cities Jack Hawksmoor, the nanite-infused Engineer, winged Swift, the reality-altering Doctor, and the genetically enhanced duo of Apollo and Midnighter. Plus, an introduction by Howard Chaykin, several widescreen pin-ups, and more bonus material. 8 1/8" x 12 1/4". 304 pp. Scheduled to arrive in October. - Cover Price $49.95 -

ASTRO CITY: LOCAL HEROES #3 - [of 5] (Busiek/Anderson) An Homage Comic. 13-year-old Cammie Aarons has spent her whole life in Astro City - and now she's got to stay with cousins in the country for the summer. No heroes. No battles. No magic... or so she thinks. Painted cover by Alex Ross. - Cover Price $2.95

AUTHORITY #2 - (Morrison/Turner/Regla) An Eye of the Storm comic. After thwarting an assault on Earth by interdimensional suicide bombers, our heroes learn the truth behind the attack. MR. - Cover Price $2.95 -

GEN13 #10 - (Claremont/Bachs/Hope) October Surprise part 4. Ja'nelle remains convinced that something awful has happened and she won't rest until she finds out the truth. Her search will affect the future of the new Gen13. - Cover Price $2.95 -

GLOBAL FREQUENCY #9 - [of 12] (Ellis/Lee Bermejo) An experimental medical facility in Japan has cut itself off from the outside world with more than a hundred doctors and patients locked inside. The only Global Frequency agent available is one who was trying to leave the organization. - Cover Price $2.95 -

LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN V. 2 #6 - [of 6] (A. Moore/O'Neill) An America's Best Comic. The last hope of the Empire, nay, the Earth, rests in the hands of our grand adventurers. Prepare to dab your eyes as more than one League member makes the ultimate sacrifice. - Cover Price $3.50 -

NINJA BOY: FADED DREAMS TPB - (Allen Warner & Alé Garza/Alé Garza/Dan Norton) Collects the mini-series. When his family is slain by the evil warlord Mikaboshi, young Nakio - last survivor of the Mugen Ninja Clan - sets upon a path of vengeance. Joined by Sake (a furry forest dweller with a taste for alcohol), Rack Lo the Thief and Kura the Forest Girl, Nakio travels through the enchanted Old Tonbo Forest encountering mantis gods, monkey kings, and a city made of diamonds. 160 pp. - Cover Price $14.95 -

OUT THERE #18 - (Augustyn/Ramos/Hope) A Cliffhanger comic. The future of El Dorado City hangs in the balance, as Draedalus has returned and he wants the talisman. - Cover Price $2.95 -

PLANETARY/BATMAN: NIGHT ON EARTH - (Warren Ellis/John Cassaday) Planetary's Jakita Wagner, Elijah Snow, and the Drummer track an amoral killer with a personal distortion field to Gotham City, where they encounter Batman. Only Batman doesn't exist on the same Earth as Planetary. The distortion field has malfunctioned, pulling the heroes through The Bleed to unexpected versions of Gotham City and Batman. Prestige Format. 48 pp. - Cover Price $5.95 -

PLANETARY/THE AUTHORITY: RULING THE WORLD - Available again. (Warren Ellis/Phil Jimenez/Andy Lanning) Two teams from opposite ends of the WildStorm Universe come together in a story of colliding universes, invasions from beyond space, blockbuster movie-style action, deranged gentleman-horror-writers with really big guns, and...eggs. 48 pp. - Cover Price $5.95 -

ROBOTECH: LOVE & WAR #1 - [of 6] (Jay Faerber, Ken Siu-Chong & Tommy Yune/Long Vo/Jo Chen) Features two stories in each issue. In the main story, the romance between RDF fighter pilot Max Sterling and Zentraedi warrior Miriya is more fully explored. In the backup, follow the trials and tribulations of stardom and romance with Minmay. - Cover Price $2.95 -

ROBOTECH: LOVE & WAR #1 (2-COVER SET) - [of 6] (Jay Faerber, Ken Siu-Chong & Tommy Yune/Long Vo/Jo Chen) Features two stories in each issue. In the main story, the romance between RDF fighter pilot Max Sterling and Zentraedi warrior Miriya is more fully explored. In the backup, follow the trials and tribulations of stardom and romance with Minmay. Available with a Long Vo cover and a James Raiz cover. - Cover Price $5.90 -

SLEEPER #6 - (Brubaker/Phillips) An Eye of the Storm comic. Holden and Genocide have a run-in with a woman from Holden's past, someone who thinks he betrayed her and his country. MR. - Cover Price $2.95 -

STORMWATCH: TEAM ACHILLES #12 - (Wright/Smith/Sienkiewicz) An Eye of the Storm comic. After a bloody shootout in New York, Team Achilles attends the funeral of one of its own. In the wake of it all, there are still many questions Flint needs answered. MR. - Cover Price $2.95 -

STORMWATCH: TEAM ACHILLES V. 1 TPB - (Micah Ian Wright/Whilce Portacio/Scott Williams/Sal Regla) Reprints StormWatch: Team Achilles #1-6 plus the preview from Wizard. Created and funded by the United Nations, StormWatch: Team Achilles is a group of highly trained human operatives with one mission: to police the world's growing super-human population. 160 pp. - Cover Price $14.95 -

TERRA OBSCURA #1 - [of 6] (Alan Moore & Peter Hogan/Yanick Paquette/Karl Story) An America's Best Comic. After being held in suspended animation for decades, the heroes of Terra Obscura are finding out that their loved ones are aged or dead, their children are now older than they are, and their secret identities have been blown. In this world, only The Terror 2003 Program has any authority. So why is one of his former teammates trying to take the program offline? Plus, a mysterious threat has begun to overtake the western United States, destroying all technology in its wake. - Cover Price $2.95 -

THUNDERCATS: DOGS OF WAR #1 - [of 5] (John Layman/Brett Booth) Fast forward 10 years into the future of the ThunderCats. Lion-O is an aged king, ready to choose a successor now that his land is prosperous and at peace. But when that Utopia is shattered by the Dogs of War - a savage race of canines bent on domination - he's forced to go to a most unexpected source for help: Mumm-Ra. - Cover Price $2.95 -

THUNDERCATS: RECLAIMING THUNDERA TPB - (Ford Lytle Gilmore/Ed McGuinness/J. Scott Campbell/Francisco Herrera/Joe Phillips/Jason Martin/Richard Friend/Carlos Lobo Cuevas) Reprints the 5-issue mini-series plus the #0 issue. Picking up where the TV series ended, the story follows Lion-O as he rebuilds a life for his people on New Thundera, with the aid of Panthro, Cheetara, Tigra, and the rest of the ThunderCats. But all is not as it seems... there are dark stirrings at Mumm-Ra's Pyramid. 144 pp. - Cover Price $12.95 -

THUNDERCATS: THE RETURN #5 - [of 5] (Gilmore/Benes/Pimentel) Lion-O has trained for five years in all forms of ancient combat and has been honed into a living weapon... but Mumm-Ra has grown more powerful as well - maybe too powerful even for the Thundercats. - Cover Price $2.95 -

TOKYO STORM WARNING #1 - [of 3] (Warren Ellis/James Raiz/Andrew Currie) A Cliffhanger comic. Zoe Flynn, American pilot, is sent to Tokyo on an exchange scheme to pilot the ARCangels - immense combat robots used to protect Tokyo from the giant monsters that have been plaguing it for some 50 years. But where do these behemoths come from? - Cover Price $2.95 -

TOM STRONG #21 - (A. Moore/Ordway/Story) An America's Best Comic. Part 2 of 3. In the middle of the century, Tom Stone and Paul Saveen are engaged in a tremendous battle... standing side by side amidst a science-hero civil war. - Cover Price $2.95 -

WILDCATS VERSION 3.0 #11 - (Casey/Nguyen/Friend) An Eye of the Storm comic. The Night the Lights Went Out in Garfield. Sam Garfield has reached a crossroads; forced to the sidelines by Halo CEO Jack Marlowe, his suspicions about his new office job finally come to a head. MR. - Cover Price $2.95