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AL CAPP'S LI'L ABNER: THE FRAZETTA SUNDAYS V. 2 (1956-57) HC - (Frank Frazetta) Marilyn Monroe leads off Volume 2 and appears in all 12 panels of the first 1956 Sunday. Highlights include: Al Capp's parody of busybody "Mary Worm" led "Mary Worth" creator Allan Saunders to reciprocate, casting Capp as a drunken and loutish cartoonist in his strip. Others skewered are gay pianist Liberace (Loverboynik), bald actor Yul Brynner (Errol Skinn), actress Jayne Mansfield (Jayne Cornfield), and actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly (supplanted here by Daisy Mae Yokum) marrying the Prince of Monte Carload. Contains an introduction and extensive annotations by Denis Kitchen. Scheduled to arrive in August. 128 pp. - Cover Price $18.95 -

ASTRO BOY V. 17 TPB - B&W. (Tezuka) A timeless all-ages masterpiece of action, fun, and humanity - and plenty of robots. Scheduled to arrive in August. 4 1/2" x 7". 96 pp. - Cover Price $9.95 -

BLACKBURNE COVENANT #3 - [of 4] (Nicieza/Raffaele) Does a five-hundred-year-old document - the Blackburne Covenant - prevent the creation of a better world? That's what nouveau riche and on-the-run Manhattan author Richard Kaine is trying to figure out. But the closer he gets to his answer, the weirder things get. - Cover Price $2.99 -

BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL #79 - B&W. (Samura) The Wind and The Crane. It's back to Anotsu and Hisoka, fresh from their romantic walk in the woods, and back into the lion's den that is the Shingyötö ryü. MR. - Cover Price $2.99 -

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #58 - (Lobdell & Nicieza/Richards) Slayer, Interrupted part 3 of 4. Most people would find life in a mental institution unsettling, but for the Slayer things are even worse. She assumed the girls who said they were brides to the demon Rakagore were just crazy - but when Rakagore shows up, the only thing more bizarre than his appearance is who he was hiding behind. - Cover Price $2.99 -

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: CHAOS BLEEDS - (Christopher Golden & Tom Sniegoski/Cliff Richards) The writers of the upcoming videogame Buffy: Chaos Bleeds, bring the story to comics. The barriers between alternate realities have begun to erode around Sunnydale, and Buffy and the gang face nightmare versions of friends and allies, as well as enemies thought long dead. Pinup art by Arthur Adams and cover art by J. Scott Campbell. - Cover Price $2.99 -

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: VIVA LAS BUFFY TPB - (Scott Lobdell & Fabian Nicieza/Cliff Richards) It's 1996, and Buffy Summers has just accepted her role as the Vampire Slayer. After the destruction of her high school, she flees to Las Vegas to sort out her life. A den of vampires has big plans for the strip. 96 pp. Scheduled to arrive in August. - Cover Price $12.95 -

CANNON GOD EXAXXION #14 - B&W. (Sonoda) For a while it seemed like Hoichi was out of the hero business, but now he's back, and it's trouble for the Riofaldian colonizers. But Hoichi isn't the only hero on the block. 40 pp. MR. - Cover Price $3.50 -

CRIMINAL MACABRE #2 - [of 5] (Niles/Templesmith) Cal McDonald has a lot of problems. He's got a drinking problem, he's got a drug problem, and the police have a big problem with him. And he's the only thing standing between Los Angeles and a wave of vampires, werewolves, and every other kind of freak. - Cover Price $2.99 -

DEVIL'S FOOTPRINTS #4 - [of 4] (Allie/P. Lee/Horton/Stewart) Brandon, bloodied for his troubles but finally understanding the diabolical task before him, sets out for a showdown with the ancient demon who destroyed his father's life and now seeks to claim his entire family. - Cover Price $2.99 -

FRAY #8 - [of 8] (Whedon/Moline/Owens) Relist. Previous orders are canceled. The Slayer's brother has led a vampire war to not only overtake Manhattan, but also to bring to earth a demonic dragon - but the harshest threat to Fray remains unseen and unnamed. - Cover Price $2.99 -

GOON #1 - (Eric Powell) The Goon is a hilarious blend of pulpy horror and slapstick comedy following the ongoing misadventures of the man they call the Goon and his sidekick Franky as they battle the legions of the undead.- Cover Price $2.99 -

GOON V. 1: NOTHIN' BUT MISERY TPB - (Eric Powell) An insane priest is building himself an army of the undead, and there's only one man who can put them in their place: the man they call Goon. Features last year's Goon series and The Goon Color Special, originally published by Albatross Exploding Funny Books; presented here for the first time in full-color. 136 pp. Scheduled to arrive in August. - Cover Price $15.95 -

GRENDEL: GOD & THE DEVIL #5 - [of 10] (Wagner/Geldhof/Snyder III/Cox) In the 26th century, all hell is breaking loose as an unholy trinity of corrupt religious officials, a stalwart corporate investigator, and a maniacal vigilante clash over the construction of a new church tower. It's not the tower itself that's the focus of this fight, but the powerful and deadly secret that festers behind its holy façade. MR. - Cover Price $3.50 -

HELLBOY: WEIRD TALES #3 - Alex Maleev and Matt Hollingsworth tell a scary devil-child story. Sara Ryan and Steve Lieber follow suit with a terrific tale of a family with the worst kind of unwanted guest. Plus, a pin-up from William Stout. - Cover Price $2.99 -

LONE WOLF 2100 #10 - (Kennedy/Velasco) Pattern Storm concludes. Terasawa's plot is exposed; Daisy Ogami's secret is revealed; and the battle lines are more clearly drawn. - Cover Price $2.99 -

LOST WORLD TPB - B&W. (Osamu Tezuka) The first of Osamu Tezuka's cycle of original science-fiction graphic novels published in the late 1940s and early 1950s. When a rogue planet approaches Earth, a team of scientists voyage to the world and discover a land populated by dinosaurs. But a group of crooks has stowed away aboard the spacecraft, and the scientists must fight for their survival against both crooks and hungry monsters. Available for the first time in an English-language edition. 5" x 7". 248 pp. Scheduled to arrive in August. - Cover Price $17.95 -

MAC RABOY'S FLASH GORDON V. 3 TPB - B&W. (Mac Raboy) Ming the Merciless, the traitorous Klag, a mysterious creature known as "The Mind," and a host of villains and dangers oppose the hardy, heroic Flash in this reprint series. 256 pp. Scheduled to arrive in August. - Cover Price $19.95 -

NEVERMEN: STREETS OF BLOOD TPB - (Phil Amara/Guy Davis/Dan Jackson) The Nevermen return to their lives as everyday citizens, unaware that a threat stirs far below the city streets. He calls himself Winterbone, and he has something catastrophic in store for the city's goggled gangbusters. To end Winterbone's reign of terror, our Nevermen have to find out who this creep is and how he knows so much about their past. 80 pp. Scheduled to arrive in August. - Cover Price $9.95 -

OH MY GODDESS! #98 - (Fujishima) The Phantom Racer part 3 of 4. Megumi, the heavenly little speed-demon, tests her motorcycle mettle against the mysterious apparition known only as the Phantom Racer. - Cover Price $2.99 -

SPYBOY 13.3 - [of 3] (David/Mhan/N. Lee) The M.A.N.G.A. Affair part 3 of 3. Poisoned by the evil Dreamboat and seeing monsters where there are civilians, a completely deranged SpyGirl has become a danger to herself and to Tokyo. The only one who can stop her is SpyBoy. 24 pp. - Cover Price $2.99 -

STAR WARS: A LONG TIME AGO... V. 7: FAR FAR AWAY TPB - This final volume features classic stories originally printed by Marvel Comics, which have been re-colored by Digital Chameleon, using the original 1980s comics as reference. Collects issues 96 to 107. Supply And Demand, by Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson, whisks Han Solo and co-pilot Nien Nunb off on a mission to a former Imperial prison planet. Jo Duffy and Sal Buscema offer an underwater adventure in School Spirit. Nine of these stories feature the art of Cynthia Martin, who worked with writer Jo Duffy to tie up loose plot lines and bring an uplifting end to the series. 312 pp. Scheduled to arrive in August. - Cover Price $29.95 -

STAR WARS: EMPIRE #10 - (Chadwick/Giorello) Yavin Base part 1 of 2 (Note: The Darklighter story returns in issue #12). General Dodonna was one of the Old Republic's most brilliant strategists. Now he must use all of his knowledge to outwit the commanders of the Imperial fleet - many of whom were trained with his own tactics. To give the fledgling Rebel Alliance time to consolidate its forces, Dodonna chooses as a base an ancient, deserted temple on a moon. - Cover Price $2.99 -

STAR WARS: EMPIRE V. 1 TPB - (Scott Allie/Ryan Benjamin) In the weeks before the events in Star Wars: A New Hope, as the Death Star is readied for its first mission, a power-hungry cabal of Grand Mofs and Imperial Officers embark on a dangerous plan to kill Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader and seize control of the Empire. 104 pp. Scheduled to arrive in August. - Cover Price $12.95 -

STAR WARS: REPUBLIC #55 - (Blackman/Ching) The Battle of Jabiim part 1 of 4. General Kenobi and his First Lieutenant, Anakin Skywalker, find themselves transferred to a post on the rain-soaked planet Jabiim. The fighting is fierce, and the vast majority of the locals have sided with the Separatists - leaving the Republic's outposts isolated and vulnerable. - Cover Price $2.99 -

STAR WARS TALES #16 - (Ashley Wood/Brian Horton/Paul Lee/Jason Hall/Tod Parkhill/Joey Mason/Howard Shum) Features a story from Yoda's past, telling of a near fatal brush with the dark side during his first journey to the swamp planet Dagobah. Ashley Wood cover. 64 pp. - Cover Price $5.99 -

SUPER MANGA BLAST! #33 - B&W. (Shirow/Kitoh/Kobayashi/Takada/Utatane & Morimoto) Bizarre science fiction and teen angst collide in Shadow Star. Sexy thrills and extraterrestrial mysteries abound in Seraphic Feather. 3x3 Eyes explores the connection between true love and mystical artifacts. Uncover the secret desires of house cats and college girls in Makoto Kobayashi's What's Michael? and Club 9. And don't forget the futuristic action of Appleseed Hypernotes, brought to you by Masamune Shirow. 128 pp. MR. - Cover Price $5.99 -

USAGI YOJIMBO #67 - B&W. (Sakai) Usagi Yojimbo: Sumi-e part 2 of 3. The demonic "artist" who needs the blood of children to make more paint has kidnapped Jotaro. Usagi and Sasuke battle through monsters of folklore and imagination in hopes of reaching the captives before it's too late. 24 pp. - Cover Price $2.99 -

WILL EISNER'S HAWKS OF THE SEAS HC - B&W. (Will Eisner) In 1936, a 20-year-old artist using the name Willis B. Rensie wrote and illustrated an action-packed weekly serial called Hawks of the Seas - a pirate adventure set in the 18th-century Caribbean. That artist was none other than Will Eisner. From 1936 to 1938, Eisner's Hawks of the Seas weekly stories were translated into several different languages and distributed all over the world, and now they're collected here. Features an introduction by Al Williamson and a new foreword by Eisner. 128 pp. Scheduled to arrive in August. - Cover Price $19.95 -


AGENTS #3 - [of 6] (Gunstone/Dunn) Trapped within Daedalus' South American stronghold, Nigel Cord has a surprising encounter. - Cover Price $2.95 -

BATTLE OF THE PLANETS #11 - (Sharrieff/Tortosa/Law & Udon) Anderson is granted a formal meeting with the mysterious Rigans. He learns that this isn't the first time he and the highly advanced alien race have made contact. - Cover Price $2.99 -

BATTLE OF THE PLANETS "TRIAL BY FIRE" TPB - (Munier Sharrieff/Wilson Tortosa/Shane Law & Udon) The attack on Earth has begun, and only the super-team known as G-Force stands between the forces of evil and our planet's destruction. Can Mark, Jason, Keyop, Tiny and Princess defeat Spectra? Collects the first three issues. 80 pp. - Cover Price $7.99 -

CASEFILES: SAM & TWITCH #2 - (Andreyko/Morse) Have You Seen Me part 2 of 6. Twitch's life is shattered as ghosts from the past return for vengeance. And no one Twitch knows is safe. - Cover Price $2.50 -

CLOCKMAKER #5 - [of 12] (Krueger/Smith/Howard) When the missing clockworkers remains are found hidden beneath the gears, Hans commits himself to find out what really happened to Astrid's brother and father. Folds out from standard comic size to glossy high-quality CSN/Marvel Treasury Edition size. 16pp. - Cover Price $2.50 -

DAWN: THREE TIERS #1 - [of 6] (Joseph Michael Linser) In a post-apocalyptic, sword & sorcery Europe, Dawn leads Darrian through wars, disasters, fire, duels, and into liaisons which bring him cheek to cheek with the three faces of the Goddess. The spectre of Death, the Horned God, haunts his every step as he tries to come to grips with his dark destiny. MR. - Cover Price $2.95 -

DAWN: THREE TIERS #1 S/N - [of 6] (Joseph Michael Linser) In a post-apocalyptic, sword & sorcery Europe, Dawn leads Darrian through wars, disasters, fire, duels, and into liaisons which bring him cheek to cheek with the three faces of the Goddess. The spectre of Death, the Horned God, haunts his every step as he tries to come to grips with his dark destiny. Limited. MR. - Cover Price $12.00 -

DEFIANCE #8 - (Barré/Kang/Suh) The Scabbard concludes. Ivan does the unthinkable, and there's no coming back from it. - Cover Price $2.95 -

G.I. JOE #19 - (Blaylock/Badeaux/Larter) The Joe team sent to rescue the Baroness and Flint finally starts to work as a team with the October Guard and Destro's men. What will happen when the teams accomplish their mission, and don't need each other's help anymore? - Cover Price $2.95 -

G.I. JOE FRONTLINE #9 - (Sean McKeever/Francis Portela/Pierre-Andre Dery) Raised by a harsh and thoughtless mother, young Zanya has always had to fend for herself. So when she learns her father is the leader of the Dreadnoks, she hits the road in search of a new life with the father she never knew. - Cover Price $2.95 -

G.I. JOE FRONTLINE TPB V. 1: THE MISSION THAT NEVER WAS - (Larry Hama/Dan Jurgens/Bob Layton & Scott Hanna) Collecting issues #1-4 featuring the story of the last true mission of G.I. Joe before their newest incarnation. 112 pp. - Cover Price $12.95 -

G.I. JOE VS. TRANSFORMERS #1 (KAARE ANDREWS COVER) - [of 6] (Josh Blaylock/Mike Miller/Armando Durruthy) What happens when an infant COBRA organization stumbles upon an alien spacecraft full of damaged robots - the Transformers? With these new weapons under their control, they will conquer the entire planet, unless a newly formed Special Forces unit called G.I.Joe can stop them. - Cover Price $2.95 - G.I. JOE VS. TRANSFORMERS #1 (J. SCOTT CAMPBELL COVER) G.I. JOE VS. TRANSFORMERS #1 (MIKE MILLER COVER)

HAMMER OF THE GODS: HAMMER HITS CHINA #3 - [of 3] (Wheatley & Oeming/Oeming) Every man in Modi's army has been slain. Modi is captured. He sees no chance to overcome this powerful Chinese Spirit. But this mortal will use every battlefield trick and all his strength or die in the attempt to set Lord Odin free. Plus, Nevermore, a spooky new series from Mike Oeming and Chris Golden. - Cover Price $2.95 -

HEIRS OF ETERNITY #3 - [of 5] (Torres/Tsai/Fletcher) Pyrus' mission strikes close to home as Wayne is forced to rethink some of his rigid views of right and wrong. - Cover Price $2.95 -

INVINCIBLE #5 - (Kirkman/Walker) Mark is sent out into space by his father to deal with an all too familiar villain. His father is too busy saving the world with The Guardians of the Globe and he needs Mark to fill in for him. - Cover Price $2.95 -

JACK STAFF #3 - (Grist) Twenty years ago, the city of Castletown was attacked by the ultimate weapon - Hurricane. The only thing that stood in its way was Jack Staff. Now the Hurricane is back. - Cover Price $2.95 -

KORE #2 - (Blaylock/Seeley/Hamscher) After being smuggled from Earth to the strange new world of Abaddon, Alex finds that he is not only a hulking monster, but also surrounded by bizarre creatures. - Cover Price $2.95 -

LIBERTY MEADOWS #32 - B&W (Cho) Fireworks explode as Frank dates Jen, while Ralph and Leslie arm themselves as the vengeance seeking Cow is released from prison. - Cover Price $2.95 -

LIBERTY MEADOWS HC V. 1: EDEN - B&W (Frank Cho) Collects the first nine issues. All the comic strips are completely remastered and uncensored. Plus 16 new pages of extended cover and sketch galleries not seen in the trade version. 144 pp. - Cover Price $24.95 -

MAGDALENA/VAMPIRELLA - (David Wohl/Joe Benitez & Martin Montiel/Jason Gorder/Tyson Wengler) An ancient evil has been unleashed in Paris that traces its origins back to the Catholic Church. The Magdalena is called in to investigate and gets caught up in a battle with Vampirella. - Cover Price $2.99 -

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE V. 2 #4 (EMILIANO SANTALUCIA COVER) - (Staples/Santalucia) When recent events turn into turmoil, the Masters fight their hardest for survival. - Cover Price $2.95 - MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE V. 2 #4 (BORIS VALLEJO & JULIE BELL COVER) - Cover Price $5.95 -

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE - ICONS OF EVIL: BEAST MAN #1 - (Robert Kirkman/Tony Moore) The young sorcerer, Keldor, ventures into the Berserker Islands of Eternia in search of the savage beasts that inhabit it. His plan is to add them to his army to aid in his quest to rule the world. His search puts him on a collision course with the legendary Beast Man. 48 pp. - Cover Price $4.95 -

MICRONAUTS #8 - (Jolley/Kurth/Schulz) The invasion of Earth is underway. Things quickly go from bad to worse as Baron Karza launches his plan of global enslavement and genocide. - Cover Price $2.95 -

MYTHSTALKERS #4 - (Barré/Jiro) The Labyrinth concludes. In the Labyrinth of Crete, the only one left conscious is the retired army Colonel, Augustus Durant. How can one old man defeat a trio of minotaurs? - Cover Price $2.95 -

PARADIGM #10 - (Cashel & Erik Larsen/Haun) The Beastials attack a small town, Summer finds herself in the top secret headquarters of the Presidents of the Apocalypse, and Ethan still doesn't clean his apartment. 40 pp. - Cover Price $2.95 -

REX MUNDI #4 - (Nelson/Johnson) Dr. Julien Sauničre penetrates the highest ranks of the Paris underworld on his quest to find the stolen medieval scroll that cost the life of his best friend. - Cover Price $2.95 -

ROTOGIN: JUNKBOTZ #2 (J. KORIM COVER) - [of 8] (Lee/Korim/Aguila) Asper and Nicky head into old Chinatown to pay a visit to Uncle Moon, and find themselves cornered in an alley by an unfriendly group of thugs. - Cover Price $2.95 - ROTOGIN: JUNKBOTZ #2 (JAY LEE COVER)

SAVAGE DRAGON #112 - (Larsen/Englebert) Octopus and OpenFace plan to take over the world - and one man stands in their way - the Savage Dragon. Plus, a new Mighty Man feature. - Cover Price $2.95 -

SAVAGE DRAGON TPB: THIS SAVAGE WORLD - (Erik Larsen) Erik Larsen pays homage to the work of Jack Kirby as he reinvents the world in which the Dragon dwells. Dangerous monsters lurk around every corner in this fantastic world and the Dragon finds himself hunted and alone. Collects #76 - 81. 144 pp. - Cover Price $15.95 -

SEMANTIC LACE TPB - B&W (Sherard Jackson) Tel Aviv, Israel 2190. The conflict in the Middle East has changed little... but the weapons used to fight it have. In the government's effort to create a more effective and protected soldier, have they also succeeded in stripping away her humanity? 5" x 7 1/2". 112 pp. - Cover Price $9.95 -

SHADOWS #3 - (Dodge/Camp) With the appearance of the ominous "Cryptozoological Preservation Society," the team's plan to relocate the bigfoot family is thwarted. - Cover Price $2.95 -

SOUL OF A SAMURAI #2 - [of 4] B&W (Dixon) Shinzu's quest for self-discovery takes a turn when he encounters a longtime friend. - Cover Price $3.95 -

SPAWN #135 - (Holguin & McFarlane/Medina/Miki) Mad Shadows part 1. A bizarre rash of attacks mimicking scenes from classic horror films and stories have recently occurred in the city. Could a new serial killer be behind the assaults? - Cover Price $2.50 -

STRANGERS #4 (MANUEL GARCIA COVER) - [of 6] (J.M. & Randy Lofficier/Garcia/Alpuente) From his Moonbase, the dying Necromancer schemes to turn Earth into his funeral pyre. - Cover Price $2.95 -

TECH JACKET #8 - (Kirkman/Su) Zack's climactic battle with the Scavengine continues and the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance. - Cover Price $2.95 -

TOMB RAIDER #31 - (Reiber/Pop Mhan/Sibal/Smith) In the jungles of Guatemala, Lara uncovers an ancient Mayan treasure - and an ancient people caught in a crossfire between the murderous overlords of the land's past and war-scarred present. - Cover Price $2.99 -

TOMB RAIDER: EPIPHANY - (Dan Jurgens/Daryl Banks/Jonathan Sibal/Brian Buccellato) Lara Croft had no interest in archeology until hearing Professor Werner Von Croy, who had revealed some of history's greatest secrets. Lara joined him on a hunt, and the two friends quickly became enemies when Von Croy's greed caused him to betray Lara. Now, the specter of Von Croy has returned as Lara returns to the scene of her first adventure. 48 pp. - Cover Price $4.99 -

TOP COW: BOOK OF REVELATIONS 2003 - Get the inside scoop on characters from Powers, Witchblade, The Darkness, Evo, Cyberforce and more, including first appearances, hat sizes, birth dates, origins, you-name-it. - Cover Price $3.99 -

VOLTRON: DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE #2 - (Jolley/Norton & Hilinski/Brown) After crash-landing on Planet Arus, Keith, Sven, Lance, Hunk and Pidge discover one of the fabled robotic Lions. - Cover Price $2.95 -

WITCHBLADE #66 - (Chuck Austen/Scott Benefiel/Jasen Rodriguez/John Starr) Sara unravels a mystery that will stretch the limits of both her deductive and supernatural powers. - Cover Price $2.99 -

Basement Comics/Amryl Entertainment

CAVEWOMAN: JUNGLE TALES #2 - B&W. (Root) The first story is the uncensored tail end from Pangaean Sea #5, as it was meant to be, and the other is a version of Disney's Winnie the Pooh, in which Meriem gets stuck in the lair of a pack of raptors. 24 pp. MR. - Cover Price $2.95 -

Gemstone Publishing

WALT DISNEY'S UNCLE SCROOGE #319 - A Don Rosa cover and lead feature, The Dutchman's Secret, heralds the return of the world's richest duck as Scrooge McDuck and the boys locate the fabled Lost Dutchman's Mine. Also featured is the classic Barks story, The Migrating Money featuring the first appearance of the Beagle Boys, and a story by Dave Rawson and Manrique. Perfect bound. 64 pp.- Cover Price $6.95 -

WALT DISNEY'S COMICS & STORIES #634 - A Donald Duck lead story and cover by William Van Horn. Also featuring a Mickey Mouse story by Noel Van Horn and still more Duck tales by Michael Gilbert and Vicar, Pat and Shelley Block, and Alferez. Plus, a story by Daan Jippes, working from Barks-drawn storyboards. Perfect bound. 64 pp. - Cover Price $6.95 -


TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ANIMATED #1 - (David/LeSean/Sander/Ruffolo) Tying in with the new animated series. Learn the story of two men: Ronnie of the NYPD, and Kenzo of the criminal organization known as the Foot. Their paths cross this night, intersecting with turtle-shelled denizens of sewers. - Cover Price $2.95 -

TRANSFORMERS: ARMADA #12 - (Furman/Guidi/To/Curtis/Cheung) Buried in the Alaskan ice in their escape capsule, the Mini-Con Street Speed Team await rescue. - Cover Price $2.95 -

TRANSFORMERS: GENERATION ONE V. 2 #3 - [of 6] (Mick/Lee) The Dinobots return. Branded as criminals of war, Optimus Prime and the Autobots are headed for the scrap heap. - Cover Price $2.95 -

TRANSFORMERS: MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE OFFICIAL GUIDE #3 - [of 8] The official guide to Dreamwave's Transformers universe continues. 64 pp. - Cover Price $5.25 -

TRANSFORMERS: THE WAR WITHIN TPB - (Furman/Figueroa/To/Ruffolo) The tale of Optimus Prime's first days at the forefront of the Autobot/Decepticon civil war on Cybertron. Collects issues #1-6 of the original series, and the preview stories. Also, a complete gallery, sketches, and bonus material. 168 pp. - Cover Price $15.95 -

WARLANDS V. 3 #7 - (Augustyn/Guerrero/Jimenez/Campus/Melara) The forces of darkness and light vie for the soul of the world known as Warlands. - Cover Price $2.95 -

Harris Comics

VAMPIRELLA/WITCHBLADE #1 - (Brian Wood/Steve Pugh) A quiet drive home from work one night erupts into evils unleashed as NYPD detective Sara Pezzini crosses paths with Vampirella. - Cover Price $2.99 -


ALTER EGO #25 - B&W. This issue focuses on Jack Cole and Plastic Man including a previously unpublished Plastic Man color cover by Alex Toth (with Jack Cole). Rare art of Plastic Man, Daredevil, and more by the Golden Age greats. 108 pp. - Cover Price $5.95 -

ANIMERICA V. 11 #7 - The latest and greatest anime, exclusive interviews, news on what's new in Japan and what's arriving soon in America. 96 pp. - Cover Price $4.95 -

BECKETT'S DRAGONBALL Z COLLECTOR #32 - Each issue includes price guides and checklists, new release information, video game tips and tricks, coverage of all characters, contests, web site reviews, merchandise and cartoon reviews, and more. 94 pp. - Cover Price $5.99

BECKETT'S POKÉMON AND ANIME COLLECTOR #47 - Fresh, creative, and fun articles and columns on the latest and greatest Pokémon products. Find out the value of collectibles, and where to find conventions to buy, sell, or trade. Plus, words of wisdom from writers in the industry. 72 pp. - Cover Price $5.99

BECKETT YU GI OH COLLECTOR #6 - Complete Yu Gi Oh coverage featuring checklists, video game tips and tricks, merchandise, cartoon reviews, and an extensive guide to card types and rules for playing the Yu Gi Oh trading card game. Plus, contests, prizes, and posters, 64 pp. - Cover Price $9.99

BECKETT'S BEST OF DRAGONBALL Z QUARTERLY #10 - This exciting bi-monthly issue features awesome foil covers. Plus, inside are two large posters, two fantastic contests, coverage on all the favorite DBZ characters, episode reviews, a complete DBZ Price Guide, and more. - Cover Price $9.99

CINESCAPE (AUGUST 2003) - This issue features in-depth looks at S.WA.T. (Starring Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Farrell), the Kung Fu and kickball collaboration in Shaolin Soccer, Freddy vs. Jason, and the newest independent sensation Cabin Fever. - Cover Price $6.99

COMIC BOOK ARTIST V. 2 #1 - Neal Adams and Alex Ross team up to contribute a new cover featuring the Man of Steel, as we explore The Art of Dynamic Realism in new interviews with both artists. Plus, examinations of comics past, this time with the history of Arcade, The Comics Revue, the seminal 1970s underground comix showcase. Also, science-fiction author Michael Moorcock discusses the comic book adaptations of his work. 100 pp. - Cover Price $7.50 -

COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1544 - Covering the cover artists. The CBG Fan Awards results continue with a focus on the fans' favorite cover artists. All this, plus columns by Craig Shutt, Tony Isabella, Andrew Smith, and Peter David. - Cover Price $3.99

COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1545 - Editing favorites. This issue, the CBG Fan Awards focus on the Favorite Editor category. In addition, columnists Tony Isabella, Peter David, Andrew Smith, and Craig Shutt make this one issue you can't refuse to pick up. - Cover Price $3.99

COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1546 - A red letter issue. The CBG Fan Award for Favorite Letterer is presented. Also, our panel of comics retailers look at comics scheduled to ship in August. And, Peter David, Andrew Smith, Craig Shutt, and Tony Isabella's columns round out the issue. - Cover Price $3.99

COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE TO HULK - This square-bound volume presents descriptions and capsule reviews from fandom's top authorities for more than 750 issues of continuity, including Incredible Hulk, Tales to Astonish, and many Hulk guest appearances. With more than 900 color images, this reference work also includes a complete price guide to Hulk comics. Plus, details about the new Hulk movie, and more. 128 pp. - Cover Price $9.98

COMICS JOURNAL SUMMER 2002 SPECIAL - Available again. (ed. by Gary Groth) A spotlight on Jim Woodring, with two essays on the artist's oeuvre by Donald Phelps and Kenneth Smith, and a new interview. Text-and-art features include an appreciation of the cartoonist W.E. Hill by Zippy creator Bill Griffith, and Timothy Kreider on B. Kliban. 120 pp. MR. - Cover Price $22.95

COMICS JOURNAL WINTER SPECIAL 2003 - Available again. (ed. by Gary Groth) Contains an interview with William Stout covering his long career, which includes, among other highlights, his solo comics as well as his collaborations with Jack Kirby, Moebius, Al Williamson, Russ Manning, and Harvey Kurtzman; his film work for Jim Henson, and more. 156 pp. - Cover Price $22.95

HEAVY METAL (AUGUST 2003) - This issue has a fantasy theme, featuring two graphic novels: one is by Civello, and the other is by Arleston & Mouvier. MR. - Cover Price $5.99

LEE'S TOY REVIEW (JULY 2003) - The latest releases for G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Direct, McFarlane, Dragon, and more. Includes the Hot Wheels pricing guide, and news on toy releases. - Cover Price $5.95

NEWTYPE ENGLISH VERSION MAGAZINE V. 2 #7 (JUNE 2003) - Oversized, glossy, in the Japanese original, it reads from right to left. Free bonus gear in every issue: posters, postcards, a centerfold spread, a manga special and an exclusive DVD insert. - Cover Price $9.95

TOYFARE #72 - He-Man and the Masters of the Universe exclusives include episode guide for the new TV series, info on the next season, the new toy design for next year and the next waves of figures coming out. Get small as we explore the growing phenomenon of small toys: Mini-Mates, Kubricks, Mez-Its, Stikfas, Smitis and more. - Cover Price $4.99


WIZARD #142 (ULTIMATE WOLVERINE COVER) - Get the goods on Mike Turner's next project, Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch's Ultimate X-Men, J. Michael Straczynski's Supreme Power, Greg Rucka's Wolverine, the new Superman/Batman ongoing series and more. Preview the all-new Spectacular Spider-Man #1 by Humberto Ramos and Paul Jenkins. Join Joe Kubert for the first of six new comic illustration lessons. Ultimate Wolverine cover by David Finch. - Cover Price $4.99

WIZARD ANIME INSIDER #8 - With his last film Spirited Away nominated for an Oscar, Hayao Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli is considered the Steven Spielberg of Anime. Learn about all of his other fantastic works. Hit the Anime convention trail as we provide the Otaku's Guide to Summer Fun. - Cover Price $4.99