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411 #3 - (Karl Bollers & Arthur Ranson/Mike Konopacki & Paul Smith) The concluding issue of this anthology tells more true and fictional stories of everyday people choosing to bring peace to their part of the world. - Cover Price $3.50 -

AGENT X #12 - (Daniel Way/Kyle Hotz) Alex goes in for one last big score. Cover by Brian Stelfreeze. Final issue. - Cover Price $2.99 -

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #54 - (Straczynski/Romita Jr.) Digger concludes. Cover by Terry Dodson. - Cover Price $2.25 -

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN V. 4 TPB - (J. Michael Straczynski/John Romita Jr.) The relationship of Peter Parker and Mary Jane takes an important turn, and the two decide whether or not they fit into one another's lives. Collects Amazing Spider-Man (V. 2) #46-50. Cover by J. Scott Campbell. 120 pp. - Cover Price $11.99 -

AVENGERS #68 - (Johns/Coipel) Red Zone part 4. The hidden power behind the Red Zone disaster stands revealed. Cover by J.G. Jones. - Cover Price $2.25 -

BLACK PANTHER #61 - (Priest/Zircher) Ascension part 3 of 4. King T'Challa and Erik Killmonger tutor Officer Kasper Cole in the ways of the Black Panther. - Cover Price $2.99 -

CALL #3 - (Austen/Olliffe) Learn why the menace of Halidon is big enough to command the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury. - Cover Price $2.25 -

CAPTAIN AMERICA #14 - (Rieber/Lee) Ice part 3 of 5. Captain America is the greatest fighter ever to walk the earth, but how can he fight a villain that attacks his mind? Cover by John Cassaday. - Cover Price $2.99 -

CAPTAIN AMERICA V. 2: THE EXTREMISTS TPB - (John Ney Rieber & Chuck Austen/Trevor Hairsine & Jae Lee) Captain America clashes with Redpath, an adversary that shares Cap's ideal of a powerful and unified America, but who lacks a moral compass. Collects Captain America (V. 4) #7-11. Cover by John Cassaday. 128 pp. - Cover Price $13.99 -

CAPTAIN MARVEL #11 - (David/Reis) Coven part 3 of 4. As Captain Marvel's partnership with Coven heats up, Rick Jones may have to kill him - if he can. - Cover Price $2.99 -

CREW #2 - (Priest/Bennett) Four men from diverse ethnic backgrounds initially pursuing self-interested goals become inspired to a collective higher cause. - Cover Price $2.50 -

DAREDEVIL #48 - (Bendis/Maleev) Hardcore part 3 of 5. It's the worst thing that could happen, Typhoid Mary on the steps of Nelson & Murdock. Guest starring Luke Cage & Jessica Jones. - Cover Price $2.99 -

DOMINO #2 - [of 4] (Pruett/Stelfreeze) Her past has always been a mystery, even to her, but soon Domino will discover secrets about herself that even she would rather have never uncovered. - Cover Price $2.50 -

ELEKTRA #24 - (Rodi/Chen) Witness a deadly game of cat and mouse as we watch Elektra systematically take down her hit. Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz. - Cover Price $2.99 -

ELEKTRA V. 2: EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN TPB - (Greg Rucka/Carlos Pagulayan/Carlos Meglia/Joe Bennett) Armed with superior fighting skills and her razor-sharp sais, Elektra has offered her killing touch to the highest bidder. Now, after being confronted with the choice to change or die, Elektra chooses to amend her ways. Collects Elektra (V. 3) #16-22. Cover by Greg Horn. 160 pp. - Cover Price $16.99 -

EXILES #28 - (Austen/Henry) Unnatural Selection part 1 of 3. The Exiles travel to the real Marvel Universe and cross paths with the Uncanny X-Men. - Cover Price $2.99 -

EXILES V. 4: LEGACY TPB - (Judd Winick/Jim Calafiore/Kev Walker/Jon Holdredge) The Exiles face their greatest challenge to date... a world overtaken by the Legacy Virus. And the team loses one of its most valuable members. Collects Exiles # 20-25. 144 pp. - Cover Price $12.99 -

FANTASTIC FOUR #70 - (Waid/Wieringo) Unthinkable part 3 of 4. It's Doom triumphant. - Cover Price $2.25 -

HULK: THE MOVIE ADAPTATION - (Bruce Jones/Mark Bagley/Scott Hanna) Tells the story of this summer's movie. 48 pp. - Cover Price $3.50 -

HULK: THE MOVIE TPB - (Bruce Jones/Mark Bagley) After tampering with the outer limits of nature, mild-mannered scientist Bruce Banner finds himself - during moments of extreme stress - transformed into the walking engine of destruction known as the Incredible Hulk. The official comic book adaptation of the summer movie, plus Incredible Hulk #34, The Ultimates #5 and an adaptation of Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #2-3.128 pp. - Cover Price $12.99 -

HULK: NIGHTMERICA #1 - [of 6] (Robin Laws/Brian Ashmore) Doctor Bruce Banner discovers that being on the run is a little bit easier when you have a charming young woman to run with... but his new friend has her own secrets and demons to run from. - Cover Price $2.99

HUMAN TORCH #3 - (Kesel/Young) Burn part 3. The reinvention and reignition of Johnny Storm continues. - Cover Price $2.50 -

INCREDIBLE HULK #55 - (Jones/Leandro Fernandez) Hide in Plain Sight part 1 of 5. Special 25-cent, jump-on issue begins a new five-part story, featuring the return of the Absorbing Man. -

INCREDIBLE HULK #56 - (Jones/Fernandez) Hide in Plain Sight part 2 of 5. - Cover Price $2.25 -

INHUMANS #2 - (McKeever/Clark) The Inhumans learn the truth behind their royal summons. Cover by J.H. Williams. - Cover Price $2.50 -

IRON MAN #69 - (Laws/Ryan) Manhunt concludes. Cover by Alan Davis. - Cover Price $2.99 -

KINGPIN #1 - [of 6] (Bruce Jones/Sean Phillips/Klaus Janson) Before he ran the mob as the Kingpin of New York, a shrewd and violent young Wilson Fisk built his empire the old fashioned way: one dead body at a time. See the first encounter of the Kingpin and Spider-Man. - Cover Price $2.50 -

MARVEL ENCYCLOPEDIA V. 3: THE HULK HC - Everything you ever wanted to know about The Incredible Hulk. Details all aspects of The Hulk in the popular cultural landscape, from his introduction as a comics character to his television career and the new movie. Also features a behind-the-scenes look at the 2003 movie. 208 pp. - Cover Price $19.99 -

MARVEL MASTERWORKS: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN V. 1 - Featuring the origin of the wall-crawler as young Peter Parker leans "With great power comes great responsibility." The classic adventures feature appearances by the Fantastic Four, Doctor Octopus, the Sandman, Dr. Doom, the Chameleon, the Lizard and more. Collects Amazing Fantasy #15; Amazing Spider-Man #1-10. 256 pp. - Cover Price $49.99 -

MARVEL MASTERWORKS: CAPTAIN AMERICA V. 1 - The Silver-Age revival of America's greatest super hero is chronicled here, including the origin of Captain America and Bucky. Collects Tales of Suspense #59-81. 272 pp. - Cover Price $49.99 -

MARVEL MASTERWORKS: THE SILVER SURFER V. 1 - In order to save his homeworld of Zenn-La, Norrin Radd sacrificed himself, becoming the herald of Galactus. Upon coming to Earth, he rediscovered his humanity and betrayed his world-devouring master. Now bound to his new home, this protector of purity wages war against the ultimate evil. Collects Silver Surfer (V. 1) #1-6, Fantastic Four Annual #5. 272 pp. - Cover Price $49.99 -

MARVEL UNIVERSE: THE END #6 - [of 6] (Starlin) Amidst shifting alliances, will any faction of Marvel's greatest heroes and villains come out on top? - Cover Price $2.99 -

MYSTIQUE #3 - (Vaughan/Lucas) Dead Drop Gorgeous part 3. Professor X offers Mystique the chance for redemption by completing a clandestine mission in Cuba. Cover by Joseph Michael Linsner. - Cover Price $2.99 -

NAMOR #3 - (Jemas & Watson/Salvador Larroca) Young Prince Namor gets a taste of the world above water and finds it isn't all sweetness and light. - Cover Price $2.25 -

NEW MUTANTS #2 - (DeFilippis & Weir/Grant) Dani Moonstar, one-time student of Professor Xavier, finds herself recruiting for his school for young mutants. But does she believe that Professor X's school is the best place for these lost souls she's trying to help? Cover by Josh Middleton. - Cover Price $2.50 -

NEW X-MEN #142 & #143 (SET) - (Morrison/Chris Bachalo) Assault of Weapon Plus parts 1 & 2 of 4. Wolverine, Cyclops and Fantomex travel from one side of the globe to the other and beyond in search of answers to Wolverine's mysterious past. - Cover Price $4.50 -

PARADISE X #12 - [of 12] (Ross & Krueger/Braithwaite) All questions are answered as this epic tale of alternate world Marvel heroes comes to a close. - Cover Price $2.99 -

PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN #57 - (Wells/Keith) Part 2 of the 2-part story starring the Sandman. - Cover Price $2.25 -

PUNISHER #28 - (Ennis/Cam Kennedy) Streets of LorEdo part 1. The Punisher tracks illegal gun trafficking to a small town in Texas. - Cover Price $2.99 -

PUNISHER V. 2 HC - (Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon & Darick Robertson) The deadly vigilante attempts to cleanse the entire world of thugs, traveling from the jungles of South America to the war-torn streets of Northern Ireland. Collects Punisher (V. 4) #1-7; #13-18. 320 pp. - Cover Price $29.99 -

QUEST #1 - (Andi Watson/Yuji Iwahara) Katherine West, a.k.a. Quest, her best friend Kaori, and an unusually intelligent ant-eater named Laki, go on a globe-trotting adventure to finish the search Quest's father began for a collection of ancient scrolls, and hopefully find him along the way, too. - Cover Price $2.50 -

RUNAWAYS #3 - (Vaughan/Alphona) Surprises continue to wait around every turn for our team of teenage rebels. - Cover Price $2.50 -

SENTINEL #3 - (McKeever/UDON) Love is in the air. No, wait... that's not love... it's danger and foreboding. - Cover Price $2.99 -

SOLDIER X #12 - (Karl Bollers/Scot Eaton) Dead Ends part 2. Nathan Summers solves a mystery involving the Weapon X Program and the strange disappearances of mutants all over the country. Final issue. - Cover Price $2.99 -

SPIDER-GIRL #61 - (DeFalco/Frenz) Take a journey 15 years into the future and find out what becomes of our web-stunner in the end. Final Issue. - Cover Price $2.99 -

SPIDER-MAN & WOLVERINE #1 - [of 4] (Brett Matthews/Vatche Mavlian) Spider-Man goes to Japan to rescue a captured Wolverine, and it's up to the duo to solve a mystery in the land of the Rising Sun. - Cover Price $2.99 -

SPIDER-MAN LEGENDS V. 2: TODD MCFARLANE BOOK 2 TPB - (David Michelinie/Todd McFarlane) Peter Parker's worst nightmare comes true, when a mysterious foe kidnaps his new bride, Mary Jane Watson. Collects Amazing Spider-Man #306-314 and Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #10. 224 pp. - Cover Price $19.99 -

STARTLING STORIES: THING - NIGHT FALLS ON YANCY STREET #2 - [of 4] (Dorkin/Haspiel) Ever have one of those crazy girl/boyfriends? Find out how it all goes terribly wrong, and a few surprise guest stars come in, setting up an ugly situation for poor Ben Grimm. 40 pp. - Cover Price $3.50 -

THOR #65 - (Jurgens/Ben & Ray Lai) Spiral part 6. The Enchantress takes center stage. - Cover Price $2.99 -

THUNDERBOLTS #80 - (Arcudi/Velasco) Part 1 of a 2-part story guest-starring Spider-Man. Learn more about Axum's past and the underground fighting league. - Cover Price $2.25

TRUTH: RED, WHITE & BLACK #6 - [of 7] (Morales/Baker) Relist. Previous orders are canceled. The secret history of Captain America continues. - Cover Price $3.50 -

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #42 - (Bendis/Bagley) Meet Geldhoff, the latest bad-news troublemaker to get on Spider-Man's nerves. - Cover Price $2.25 -

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN V. 6: VENOM TPB - (Brian Michael Bendis/Mark Bagley) After reuniting with his childhood friend Eddie Brock, Peter Parker discovers a terrible secret about their fathers' past... a secret that results in a confrontation with Venom. Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #33-39. 168 pp. - Cover Price $15.99 -

ULTIMATE X-MEN #34 - (Brian Michael Bendis/David Finch) Part 1 of a 6-issue story that teams Spider-Man & Wolverine. Why is Wolverine running from the X-Men? - Cover Price $2.25 -

ULTIMATE X-MEN #34 (SIGNED) - (Brian Michael Bendis/David Finch) Part 1 of a 6-issue story that teams Spider-Man & Wolverine. Why is Wolverine running from the X-Men? Available signed by artist David Finch. - Cover Price $29.99 -

UNCANNY X-MEN #425 & #426 (SET) - (Austen/ PhillipTan) Sacred Vows parts 1 & 2 of 2. An X-Men wedding. New loves are born and old ties are severed in one of the most important X-Men moments of the year. - Cover Price $4.50 -

VENOM #3 - (Way/Herrera) Shiver part 3. Why is Venom back? Why's it in the Artic? Who or what could Venom be afraid of? Cover by Sam Keith. - Cover Price $2.25 -

WEAPON X #10 - (Tieri/Jeanty/Vines) The Underground part 4 of 6. Soldier X's Underground movement gets closer to discovering the secret of the Neverland concentration camp and people begin picking sides. - Cover Price $2.99 -

WOLVERINE #2 - (Rucka/Robertson/Palmer) Logan plunges into the world of high-stakes gun shows and black market firearms to track down the murderers of an innocent young girl. - Cover Price $2.25 -

WOLVERINE: SNIKT! #2 - [of 6] (Daniel Way & Nihei) Wolverine finds himself in an alien landscape, surrounded by forces hostile to anything human. - Cover Price $2.99 -

X-FACTOR V. 1 TPB - (Jeff Jensen/Arthur Ranson) A new breed of man has emerged: Homo superior, individuals gifted by genetics with strange super-powers. But in a world that hates and fears mutants, it's not safe to stray from the norm. Two federal agents investigate the mutant phenomenon. Collects the four-issue mini-series. 96 pp. - Cover Price $9.99 -

X-MEN UNLIMITED #49 - (Bill Willingham/Kelsey Shannon) A full-issue swashbuckling adventure featuring Nightcrawler. Cover by Josh Middleton. - Cover Price $2.50 -

X-MEN: PHOENIX #2 - [of 3] (Kinnaird) Sisters Jena and Madalyne struggle to keep their wits about them as they make their way across the demon plains of Hell. - Cover Price $2.99 -

X-TREME X-MEN #27 - (Claremont/Igor Kordey/Scott Hanna) God Loves, Man Kills II part 3. Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? Guest starring Wolverine and Shadowcat and Stryker. Cover by Salvador Larroca. - Cover Price $2.99 -

X-TREME X-MEN V. 4 MEKANIX TPB - (Chris Claremont/Juan Bobillo & Marcelo Sosa) After experiencing the loss of friends and family as a costumed hero, Kitty Pryde has made a decision to leave her super hero life and forge a new one. Unfortunately, the same bigotry and hatred that killed her loved ones continues to haunt her. Collects the Mekanix limited series, plus X-Men Unlimited #36. Cover by Celia Calle. 160 pp. - Cover Price $16.99 -

Marvel Max

ALIAS #23 - (Bendis/Gaydos) Secret Origin part 2. The shocking debut of Jessica Jones: Superhero. Guest starring Peter Parker & Thor. Cover by David Mack. MR. - Cover Price $2.99 -

ALIAS V. 3: THE UNDERNEATH TPB - (Brian Michael Bendis/Michael Gaydos) Jessica investigates Spider-Woman, a woman who may have more in common with Jessica than just her first name. Plus, J. Jonah Jameson hires Jessica to find out Spider-Man's secret identity. Collects Alias #10, 16-21. Cover by David Mack. 160 pp. MR. - Cover Price $16.99 -

BORN #1 - [of 4] (Garth Ennis/Darick Robertson) For decades readers thought the Punisher's crusade against the criminal underworld began with the murder of his wife and daughter in Central Park. Witness the true birth of the Punisher years before, as Marine Frank Castle enters his third tour of duty in Vietnam, but leaves a force of nature. MR. - Cover Price $3.50 -

BORN #1 (SIGNED) - [of 4] (Garth Ennis/Darick Robertson) For decades readers thought the Punisher's crusade against the criminal underworld began with the murder of his wife and daughter in Central Park. Witness the true birth of the Punisher years before, as Marine Frank Castle enters his third tour of duty in Vietnam, but leaves a force of nature. Signed by artist Darick Robertson. MR. - Cover Price $29.99 -

ETERNAL #1 - (Chuck Austen/Kev Walker) Who are the Eternals and what do they have planned for the future of our world? They have come to Earth searching for raw materials for their masters, the god-like Celestials... but what happens when they are done with us? MR. - Cover Price $2.99 -

RAWHIDE KID TPB - (Ron Zimmerman/John Severin) What happens when 'Kid rides into one of those beleaguered Western towns on the edge of nowhere, looking better than any cowboy has a right to? And what happens when a gang of desperadoes rides into the same town with the intent of lootin' and pillagin'? Cover by Dave Johnson. 128 pp. MR. - Cover Price $12.99 -

WAR MACHINE 2.0 #1 & 2 (SET) - [of 3] (Chuck Austen/Christian Moore) A furious Tony Stark seeks a personal vendetta against his former friend James Rhodes, War Machine, for selling the secrets of his armor to S.H.I.E.L.D. MR. - Cover Price $5.98 -