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Comics disponibles para Marzo 2003


ACTION COMICS #803 - (Kelly/Ferry/C. Smith) The Harvest continues. Superman returns from the sun, ready to declare war on those plotting against America. - Cover Price $2.25 -

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #616 - (Casey/Aucoin) Featuring cameos by the Elongated Man, the Ray and Major Victory. The Man of Steel falls under the grip of the Hollow Men, who are trying to make everything generic. - Cover Price $2.25

MILLENNIUM EDITION: ALL STAR COMICS #3 (CHROMIUM EDITION) - Available again. (Gardner Fox/Everett E. Hibbard/Sheldon Moldoff/Bernard Baily/Sheldon Mayer/Martin Nodell/Creig Flessel/Howard Sherman/Ben Flinton) This chromium-covered millennium edition reprints the debut of comics' first super-hero team: the Justice Society of America. Written by the legendary Gardner Fox, with different chapters by an array of the Golden Age's greatest artists, this 1940 issue changed comics forever, setting a standard for super-team adventure that has lasted for more than 60 years. 64 pp.

AQUAMAN #6 - (Veitch/Sal Velluto/Bob Almond) The Thirst launches his onslaught against the world's river spirits, leaving Aquaman caught between his duty to save Atlantis and his new role as Waterbearer. - Cover Price $2.50

ARKHAM ASYLUM: LIVING HELL #1 - [of 6] (Dan Slott/Ryan Sook) Warren White, one of Gotham's most successful financiers, thought he could beat his jail rap by pleading insanity. Now he's finding out why you don't cop an insanity plea in Gotham. Expect appearances by Batman, The Joker, Two-Face and the Riddler, plus the debuts of several new Rogues. - Cover Price $2.50

BATGIRL #40 - (Horrocks/Sibar/Owens) Guest appearance by Superboy. Babs thought taking Cassandra on an ocean cruise would be the perfect diversion from crime-fighting. Boy, was she wrong. - Cover Price $2.50

BATGIRL: YEAR ONE #6 - [of 9] (Beatty & Dixon/Martin/Lopez) Guest starring Black Canary, as she meets Batgirl for the first time. Commissioner Gordon's been kidnapped, and it's up to the future Birds of Prey to get him back in one piece. - Cover Price $2.95

BATMAN #615 - (Loeb/Lee/Williams) Features the debut of a brand-new Batmobile. In the aftermath of last issue's climax, Nightwing comes to Batman to find out how - or if - the Dark Knight can continue. - Cover Price $2.25

BATMAN ARCHIVES V. 1 HC - Available again. (Bill Finger/Bob Kane/various) New Printing. Featuring the first appearance of Batman, this Archive Edition reprints the Batman stories from Detective Comics #27-50 (1939-1940), including all the covers. This new printing has been expanded to include story credits, a contents page, and biographies. Includes a battle with the Joker and the first appearances of Prof. Hugo Strange, Clayface, and Robin. Offered for a limited time at the low cover price of $19.95. 312 pp. Scheduled to arrive in September. - Cover Price $19.95

BATMAN IN THE SIXTIES TPB - Available again. (various) Some of the most exciting and offbeat Batman stories of the 1960s are collected in a remarkable trade paperback, featuring an introduction by Adam West. Running the gamut from the sublimely silly to the late-'60s style of realism, more than 16 stories from Batman and Detective Comics highlight the classic Batman Family (Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Bat-Girl, Bat-Mite, and more) and villains from the period, including the Joker, Clayface, Poison Ivy, Blockbuster, and more. 224 pp. - Cover Price $19.95

BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM TPB - Available again. (Grant Morrison/Dave McKean) A haunting and disquieting look into the insane inhabitants of Gotham City's legendary asylum. 128 pp. MR. - Cover Price $14.95

BATMAN: CONTAGION TPB - Available again. (Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant, Dennis O'Neil, Doug Moench & Christopher Priest/Barry Kitson/Mike Wieringo/Matt Haley/Jim Balent/Tommy Lee Edwards/Kelley Jones/Graham Nolan/Vince Giarrano/Dick Giordano/Frank Fosco/various) New Printing. A mysterious and lethal virus is unleashed on the unknowing inhabitants of Gotham City, causing excruciating pain - and ultimately, death - within 48 hours of contact. Batman, Robin and Nightwing race to contain the chaos while finding a cure, with the help of unlikely allies Azrael, Huntress, Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Collects Azrael #15-16, Batman #529, Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #48-49, Batman Chronicles #4, Catwoman #31-32, Detective Comics #695-696, and Robin #27-28. 264 pp. - Cover Price $19.95

BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #41 - (Beatty/Toby Cypress) A designer drug has hit the streets of Gotham, reducing scores of victims to boneless piles of goo. Batman hits a wall in his investigation, bringing into play the one man who may know the secret behind the drug: Elongated Man. Plus, in the Black & White back-up Sunrise, by Alex Garland with art by Sean Phillips, an elderly woman is surprised to find a huffing, puffing Batman resting on her rooftop. 40 pp. - Cover Price $2.75

BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #167 - (McDuffie/Semeiks/Green) Don't Blink part 4 of 4. The government agency that once employed Blink wants him back - and they're going to extremes by kidnapping and threatening the life of Blink's girlfriend. - Cover Price $2.50

BATMAN: NEVERMORE #2 - [of 5] (Wein/Davis) Elseworlds. Edgar Allan Poe's investigation into Baltimore's "Raven Murders" continues. Poe's discovery of the mysterious Batman prowling the murder scenes brings a new twist to an already twisted tale. Batman's strange abilities and techniques disturb Poe, but he's the only friend Poe has left. Painted cover by Bernie Wrightson. - Cover Price $2.50

BIRDS OF PREY #55 - (G. Hernandez/Jones/Beatty) Twag is back, crazier than ever and with only one thing on his mind: killing Barbara Gordon. Can guest star Metamorpho save the day? - Cover Price $2.50

CARTOON CARTOONS #18 - (Alexander, Weiss & Boldman/Sternecky/Delaney/Albrecht/Bungay/Neely) Dexter gets locked out of his laboratory, Big Ed gets stuck in a mud puddle, and Chicken gets worried about his little sister Cow's obsession with cheese. - Cover Price $2.25

CATWOMAN #19 - (Brubaker/Pulido) No Easy Way Down concludes. Slam Bradley resolves the case of the Missing Goldigger with gory results. Meanwhile, Selina reaches some devastating conclusions about herself. - Cover Price $2.50

DETECTIVE COMICS #782 - (Brubaker/Castillo/Von Grawbadger) Dead Reckoning concludes. Batman and the Charlatan finally meet at Arkham Asylum, where the Dark Knight and Jim Gordon must save their old friend Harvey Dent from the monster he created. Plus, in a back-up by Jason Hall, Craig Rousseau & Dan Davis, someone has caught on to the Dark Knight's annual visits to Crime Alley. Cover by Tim Sale. 40 pp.

DOOM PATROL #20 - (Arcudi/Rick Geary) Behind the scenes at the production offices of the Doom Patrol television series, a lone fact-checker launches a campaign to make the imaginary TV adventures closer to the real thing. - Cover Price $2.50

FLASH #198 - (Johns/Kolins/Hazlewood) Blitz part 2 of 4. The psychotic speedster known as Zoom attacks Wally, believing that The Flash can only be a better hero by experiencing ultimate sorrow. First on Zoom's hit list? The DCU's other speedsters: Jesse Quick, Jay Garrick and Impulse. - Cover Price $2.25

GOTHAM CENTRAL #7 - (Rucka/Lark) Half a Life part 2. Renée Montoya's deepest secret has become public knowledge, plunging her personal and professional life into chaos. - Cover Price $2.50

GREEN ARROW #25 - (Raab/Adlard) Black Circle: Urban Knights part 5 of 6, continued from last month's Green Lantern #163. The Mafia will shoot anything that moves. The intergalactic menace of the Black Circle will kill anyone without remorse. And the police have their backs against the wall. Enter Green Arrow and Green Lantern, just in time to find Connor and Black Canary caught in the crossfire. Concludes in Green Lantern #164. - Cover Price $2.50

GREEN ARROW #26 - (Judd Winick/Hester/Parks) Straight Shooter part 1 of 6. Star City is getting a facelift, but gentrification has its costs. Green Arrow has always been a man of the people, but now he has to prove it. Plus, Black Lightning is coming to Star City... but as a friend or foe? Cover by Matt Wagner. - Cover Price $2.50

GREEN LANTERN #164 - (Winick/Adlard) Black Circle: Urban Knights part 6 of 6, continued from Green Arrow #25. Green Lantern and Green Arrow are trapped aboard the Black Circle's mothership. Ordinarily that wouldn't be a problem, but Kyle doesn't have his ring and Ollie's being... well, Ollie. - Cover Price $2.25

GREEN LANTERN #165 - (Ben Raab/Rick Burchett/Rodney Ramos) A Tiny Spark. Kyle summons the surviving Green Lanterns to Oa to take down the Black Circle Syndicate. Plus, prepare yourself for... the return of Kilowog. - Cover Price $2.25

GREEN LANTERN #165 (SIGNED) - (Ben Raab/Rick Burchett/Rodney Ramos) A Tiny Spark. Kyle summons the surviving Green Lanterns to Oa to take down the Black Circle Syndicate. Plus, prepare yourself for... the return of Kilowog. Signed writer Ben Raab. - Cover Price $19.99

HARLEY QUINN #32 - (Lieberman/Steve Yeowell) Features an appearance by the Clown Prince of Crime. Bishop, the cop who's sworn to take down Harley for killing his partner, has unknowingly met her under her civilian guise of psychiatrist Jessica Seaborn. Now, Harley has accepted a date with this not-so-fine example of Gotham's finest. - Cover Price $2.50 -

HAWKMAN #15 - (Johns/Morales/Bair) Shayera Thai, the Thanagarian Hawkwoman, returns to the world of Hawkman. But her motives for seeking out Carter and Kendra aren't exactly filled with good intentions. - Cover Price $2.50

H-E-R-O #4 - (Pfeifer/Kano) Powers and Abilities concludes. Despondent over the catastrophe he caused trying to save the day, Jerry Feldon decides to use the H-E-R-O device to end it all. - Cover Price $2.50

HUMAN DEFENSE CORPS #1 - [of 6] (Ty Templeton/Clement Sauve Jr./Juan Vlasco) Who defends the Earth when the JLA isn't around? The Sixth Branch of the U.S. Armed Forces: the Human Defense Corps. The Corps is a standing force of 10,000 highly trained soldiers equipped with the most cutting-edge weaponry available. The series follows a young man on his two-year tour of duty: from boot camp to campaigns on Apokolips, the Moon and Hell itself. - Cover Price $2.50

JLA #81 - (Kelly/Rouleau/Sowd) The White Rage part 2 of 3. Wrongfully branded as murderers, the original members of the Justice League are on the run, dodging attacks by the U.S. military. But three heroes refuse to believe the allegations against the JLA and band together to rescue them: Manitou Raven, Faith and John Stewart, the Green Lantern. - Cover Price $2.25

JLA: AGE OF WONDER #2 - [of 2] (Tantimedh/Showman) Elseworlds. Set during the Industrial Revolution. There's a dark side to the utopian world Superman has helped create, and now, on the eve of world war, Lex Luthor has discovered the means to hold all humanity hostage. With Superman gone, can the League of Science prevent him from using the technology they created to exterminate mankind? Prestige Format. 48 pp. - Cover Price $5.95

JLA: THE OBSIDIAN AGE BOOK ONE TPB - (Joe Kelly/Doug Mahnke/Tom Nguyen/Yvel Guichet/Mark Propst) Collects the first half of the Obsidian Age: The Hunt for Aquaman saga from JLA #66-71. Superman, alone among the JLA, believed Aquaman didn't die during the alien invasion of Earth in Our Worlds At War. His faith is rewarded with evidence that Aquaman was instead hurled 3,000 years back in time. Now the JLA must stage a daring rescue mission - despite Green Lantern's premonitions that this mission will cause his own death. Book One introduces Faith and the enigmatic Manitou Raven and the threat of the Ancients. Plus, a sketchbook section that shows how Kelly and Mahnke designed the Ancients. 160 pp. - Cover Price $12.95

JLA: SCARY MONSTERS #3 - [of 6] (Claremont/Hood/Parsons) The JLA combats an ancient evil bent on devouring humanity. But as they defend a small group of civilians from a fate worse than death, they're sealed off from the outside world by an apocalyptic ice storm. Cover by Arthur Adams. - Cover Price $2.50

JLA: THE GOLDEN PERFECT TPB - Available again. ( Joe Kelly/Doug Mahnke/Tom Nguyen) The current creative team's first foray into JLA territory is collected in a trade paperback reprinting JLA #61-65. A foreign mission personally affects Wonder Woman and her actions threaten to unravel all of reality. 128 pp. - Cover Price $12.95

JLA: SECRET ORIGINS OVERSIZED TPB - Available again. ( Paul Dini/Alex Ross) Creators Paul Dini and Alex Ross unite for this oversized (10" x 13 1/2") one-shot featuring DC's greatest icons: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, the Atom, Hawkman & Hawkgirl, Plastic Man, and Captain Marvel. This graphic album includes eight original double-page origin spreads, plus a 5-page framing sequence created for this book. 48 pp. - Cover Price $7.95

JSA #48 - (Goyer & Johns/Kirk/Champagne) Princes of Darkness continues. Mordru, Obsidian and Eclipso have begun their attack, and the JSA is scattered. Within the Shadowlands, Star Spangled Kid and Captain Marvel are on a quest to find a fallen teammate, but they'll encounter more enemies than allies. Cover by Carlos Pacheco. - Cover Price $2.50 -

JSA: ALL-STARS #1 - [of 8] (David S. Goyer & Geoff Johns/Sal Velluto/Bob Almond) Why did Hawkgirl, Doctor Fate, Star-Spangled Kid, Hourman, Doctor Mid-Nite, and Mister Terrific choose the path of heroism? Can their legacies be exploited and corrupted? The strange new leader of the Injustice Society plans to find out. Issues #1 and #8 feature full-length bookend stories, while issues #2-7 each feature a lead story starring a Modern Age JSA member plus a Golden Age backup story by various creators, including Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon & Michael Lark, Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale, Howard Chaykin, Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso, James Robinson & Tony Harris, and Darwyn Cooke. Cover by John Cassaday. - Cover Price $2.50

JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES #19 - (Michael Bernard/Delaney/Burchett) Green Lantern takes center stage in a story that finds a young child in control of the most powerful weapon in the universe as he tries to find out What's in a Hero. - Cover Price $2.25 -

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA ARCHIVES V. 8 HC - (Gardner Fox & Dennis O'Neil/Dick Dillin/Mike Sekowsky/Sid Greene/George Roussos/Neal Adams/various) Reprints Justice League Of America #61-66, and 68-70 (plus the cover to #67, which was a reprint Annual). Featured in this volume are: another annual team-up of the JLA/JSA (in which they face the treacherous T. O. Morrow) that also introduces the mysterious Red Tornado; the cosmic challenge of the Chaos Maker; a tale guest-starring The Creeper and Mind-Grabber Kid; the return of the crafty criminal The Key; and an adventure in which the members of the JLA go head-to-head with their own individual foes. 240 pp. - Cover Price $49.95

KENTS TPB - Available again. ( John Ostrander/Tim Truman/Tom Mandrake/Michael Bair) Collecting the popular maxiseries charting the lives of Clark Kent's Civil War-era ancestors. 272 pp. - Cover Price $19.95

LEGION #20 - (Abnett & Lanning/Batista/Farmer) Dream Crime continues. Saturn Girl awakens from the events of last issue to find that her life has been a hoax. The Legion still is lost in the Kwai galaxy, Live Wire still is alive, and the team still is trying to save Element Lad. - Cover Price $2.50

LOONEY TUNES #102 - (McCann, Strom & Matheny/Alvarez/McRae/Batic/Torreiro/Aranda/Saichann) Features a painfully funny tale of the Coyote and Roadrunner; a neighborly feud between Porky Pig and Yosemite Sam, and Marvin the Martian's plan to melt the polar ice caps. - Cover Price $2.25

MAD MAGAZINE #430 - Color and B&W. (The Usual Gang of Idiots) Summer is blockbuster season, and so we turn a loving eye towards skewering those fine cinematic efforts. 48 pp. - Cover Price $3.50

MAD XL #21 - B&W. (The Usual Gang of Idiots) More Best of the Web, Mad Marginals XL, a Readers' Choice poll winner, a Mad Moldy Oldie, and a special creator of the month. 96 pp. - Cover Price $4.99

NEW TEEN TITANS: THE TERROR OF TRIGON TPB - (Marv Wolfman/George Pérez/Romeo Tanghal) When The New Teen Titans was at its height of popularity, the teen team supreme was launched into a second title: a deluxe, direct-market-only version. This volume collects the first five issues of The New Teen Titans Vol. 2, as well as redesigned Titans profile entries from the first volume of Who's Who: The Definitive Directory Of The DC Universe. The mysterious Titans member, Raven, has been battling her inner demons for some time now, but she can no longer hold the evil that is her father Trigon in check. Now the otherworldly demon has breached his dimensional prison, conquering the Earth - and Nightwing, Starfire, Cyborg, Changeling, and the rest of the Titans are mankind's only hope of defeating him. 144 pp. - Cover Price $17.95

NIGHTWING #81 - (Grayson/Leonardi/Delperdang) Part 2 of 3. Nightwing's been shot. It's up to Batgirl to track Deathstroke the Terminator through the streets of Blüdhaven. - Cover Price $2.25

POWER COMPANY #16 - (Busiek/Grummett/Rollins) Two members quit and the Power Company gets a new administrator. Plus, look out for The Haunted Tank. - Cover Price $2.75

ROBIN #114 - (Lewis/Woods/Pepoy) The Wrong Town continues. Robin's investigation of gunrunners in Gotham City has led him to the backwoods of Pennsylvania and a mysterious cult with a sinister secret. - Cover Price $2.25

MILLENNIUM EDITION: SENSATION COMICS #1 - Available again. (William Moulton Marston/Gardner Fox/Charles Reizenstein/George S. Hurst Jr./Bill Finger/Harry G. Peter/Sheldon Moldoff/Hal Sharp/Irwin Hasen/various) The Golden Age Wonder Woman meets Steve Trevor for the first time in this historic Golden Age title. In addition to the Amazon Princess' first full-fledged adventure after her debut in All Star Comics #8, this immortal 1942 issue introduced Wildcat, Mr. Terrific and several other DC heroes. 64 pp. - Cover Price $3.95

SMALLVILLE #2 - (Verheiden & Carpenter/Guides/Derenick) Trouble's brewing at the Miss Smallville Pageant. Contestants are being terrorized, and it's up to Clark and Lana to get to the bottom of it. Plus, in a back-up story, find out what Chloe did during her summer internship at the Daily Planet between Seasons 1 and 2. Includes interviews with actors Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan) and Sam Jones III (Pete Ross), as well as the next installment of the episode guide to Season 1. 48 pp. - Cover Price $3.50

SON OF SUPERMAN TPB - Available again. (Howard Chaykin & David Tischman/J.H. Williams, III/Mick Gray) Elseworlds. An intriguing story of an Elseworld where young Jon Kent comes to terms with a super-heroic legacy he didn't know he had. 96 pp. - Cover Price $14.95

SUPERMAN #193 - (Seagle/McDaniel/Owens) The Supergirl first seen in Superman: The Ten Cent Adventure battles Radion, and it looks like their tussle will mean the destruction of Metropolis. - Cover Price $2.25

SUPERMAN & BATMAN: GENERATIONS III #5 - [of 12] (Byrne) Elseworlds. As civilization begins to recover from Lex Luthor's greatest weapon, the life of Bruce Wayne's son will be changed by words his mother spoke to him some 300 years ago. - Cover Price $2.95

SUPERMAN: METROPOLIS #4 - [of 12] (Austen/Zezelj) A housewife in Metropolis thinks she has a direct channel to God: her TV set. And she's willing to do whatever "He" asks her to do. - Cover Price $2.95

SUPERMAN: RED SON #2 - [of 3] (Millar/Johnson/Plunkett/Robinson/Wong) Elseworlds. Twenty years after the events of last issue, Russia's Superman has become the hero of his country - and the world - while Lex Luthor has been working with the CIA to bring him down. Faced with looming threats from within and the rise of a mysterious Batman from the underbelly of Moscow, how much longer will Superman's reign continue? Prestige Format. 48 pp. - Cover Price $5.95

TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #1 (1967) - Available again. (various) This "lost" Annual reprints classic tales of the Teen Titans from the 1960s. 80 pp. - Cover Price $4.95

TITANS/YOUNG JUSTICE: GRADUATION DAY #1-3 (SET) - [of 3] (Judd Winick/Alé Garza/Trevor Scott) A mysterious conglomerate offers to sponsor the Titans and Young Justice, but will either team take the offer? Before they can decide, Indigo, a mysterious, cyborg girl from the future, attacks and seriously wounds several of the two teams' members... perhaps fatally. It all leads to a conclusion that will leave more than one longtime fan-favorite character dead and both teams shattered. Leads into the upcoming launches of two new series: Outsiders and Teen Titans. Issue #3 is not scheduled to arrive until July. - Cover Price $7.50

WONDER WOMAN #192 - (Simonson/Ordway/Russell) The Game of the Gods continues as Wonder Woman faces off against a goddess - one who shouldn't even exist. Plus, Diana and Trevor Barnes learn more about the Shattered God. - Cover Price $2.25

YOUNG JUSTICE: SINS OF YOUTH TPB - Available again. (Peter David & various/Todd Nauck/Larry Stucker/various) Featuring all twelve parts to this age-switching epic featuring Young Justice, The JLA, The JSA, and more. 320 pp. - Cover Price $19.95


100 BULLETS #44 - (Azzarello/Risso) Chill in the Oven part 2. Forced to deal with a psychotic thug looking for lethal payback and a vicious guard with a chip on his shoulder, things go from worse to worst for Loop when he comes face to face with an animal more savage than anything he's come across behind bars. MR. - Cover Price $2.50

AMERICAN CENTURY #23 - (Chaykin & Tischman/L. Ross/Stokes) Relist. Previous orders are canceled. Tramps part 2 of 2. Hobos in Nazi Uniforms? It's all a bad dream for Harry Kraft... and the nightmare doesn't end when he wakes up. MR. - Cover Price $2.75 -

AMERICAN CENTURY #24 - (Chaykin & Tischman/John Severin) Relist. Previous orders are canceled. This Western one-shot introduces Harry Kraft's great-grandfather - an Eastern European immigrant who takes on an evil Kansas land baron. MR. - Cover Price $2.75 -

BARNUM! HC - (Howard Chaykin & David Tischman/Niko Henrichon) Circus showman P.T. Barnum becomes a secret agent for the U.S. government. When brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla and a cadre of the world's richest men plot to destroy America, Barnum and his right-hand man Bailey assemble a team of the wildest circus freaks on the planet - including a teenaged human fly, a midget strongman, a sword-swallowing rubber man, a man-hating mesmer, an empath who can speak to animals, and the legendary Siamese twins Chang and Eng - to moonlight as government secret agents. 128 pp. MR. - Cover Price $29.99

FABLES #13 - (Willingham/Medina/Hamilton) Part 2 of 2. Bigby and his motley crew don matching black skullcaps and break into a ritzy building to stop a ruthless reporter from revealing their identities to the tabloids. MR. - Cover Price $2.50

FILTH #11 - [of 13] (Morrison/Weston/Erskine) A Very English Nervous Breakdown. He's had enough and he's not going to take anymore. At the brink of oblivion, timid Greg Feely fights back. MR. - Cover Price $2.95

HELLBLAZER #184 - (Carey/Frusin) The Wild Card, the first of three linked stories that provide a great jumping-on point for new readers. John and Angie travel to South America in search of information about the shadow dog. MR. - Cover Price $2.75

HELLBLAZER: FREEZES OVER TPB - (Brian Azzarello/Marcelo Frusin/Guy Davis/Steve Dillon) Collects Hellblazer #157-163, including the ...Freezes Over storyline illustrated by Marcelo Frusin; the one-shot ... And Buried? illustrated by Steve Dillon; and the 2-part Lapdogs and Englishmen illustrated by Guy Davis. In these three episodes, after another unwelcome meeting with FBI Agent Turro, Constantine continues his journey through America's back roads. 168 pp. MR. - Cover Price $14.95

HELLBLAZER: GOOD INTENTIONS TPB - Available again. (Brian Azzarello/Marcelo Frusin) After surviving his time behind bars for the murder of his friend Richard "Lucky" Fermin, John Constantine must make peace with himself and the family of his deceased pal. 144 pp. MR. - Cover Price $12.95

HOUSE ON THE BORDERLAND TPB - (Simon Revelstroke/Richard Corben) Adapted from the novel by William Hope Hodgson. It sits astride two worlds - our bleak world of colorless normality and the realms of cosmic horror where reason may yet have a last chance to conquer fear. Forgotten until now, the House on the Borderland awaits you. Introduction by Alan Moore. 96 pp. MR. - Cover Price $19.95

HUNTER: THE AGE OF MAGIC #23 - (Horrocks/Case/Bird) Every painting in the city is now real. They've become windows - gateways - to a million other worlds. It's an art lover's dream. But for Tim and Molly, the dream becomes a nightmare. Cover by Chris Bachalo. MR. - Cover Price $2.75

LUCIFER #38 - (Carey/Gross/Ormiston/Kelly) Naglfar part 3 of 5. While Lucifer and Michael seek to decipher God's grand plan, the crew of the Naglfar battle on through the realms of the dead. MR. - Cover Price $2.50

SANDMAN PRESENTS: EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT DREAMS... BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK - Available again. (Bill Willingham/Duncan Fegredo/Kevin Nowlan/Jason Little/Mark Buckingham/Albert Monteys/Niko Henrichon) Have you ever wondered if Dreams have dreams of their own? Or what causes nightmares? Or why you should never wake a sleepwalker? These satirical short stories reveal it all. 48 pp. MR. - Cover Price $3.95

TRANSMETROPOLITAN: DIRGE TPB - (Warren Ellis/Darick Robertson/Rodney Ramos) Collects issues #43-48. A nameless sniper terrorizes the Print District and a raging superstorm clears the streets of The City. Worse is to come, however, when Spider Jerusalem's strange illness is finally diagnosed, and the stakes in his battle with the President are raised dramatically. 144 pp. MR. - Cover Price $14.95

TRANSMETROPOLITAN: SPIDER'S THRASH TPB - Available again. (Warren Ellis/Darick Robertson/Rodney Ramos) After losing his byline, bank account, and apartment, Jerusalem and his filthy assistants have legged it underground, the better to implement his plan. What plan, you say? Why, the plan to bring down the President, of course! Reprints Transmetropolitan #37-42. 144 pp. MR. - Cover Price $14.95 VERTIGO POP!: BANGKOK #1 - [of 4] (Jonathan Vankin/Giuseppe Camuncoli/Shawn Martinbrough) One couple's vacation plan to salvage their damaged relationship becomes more of a quest to save two young Thai prostitutes from a life of crime and abuse. MR. - Cover Price $2.95

Y: THE LAST MAN #11 - (Vaughan/Guerra/Marzan, Jr.) One Small Step part 1. Yorick Brown is the last man on Earth... but is he the last man in the solar system? That question is raised when a mysterious visitor lands on top of Yorick's speeding train. Painted cover by J.G. Jones. MR. - Cover Price $2.95

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